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Several common problems of sudden deafness

Everyone has heard of Turk, but have you met? I believe that most people have not met and believe that they will not meet, but in fact, Turk is at our side. There are many factors that can lead to abruptness, and many of these factors are caused by our own bad habits.

Suddenly, as the name implies, sudden deafness, also known as sudden deafness, can be achieved in a short time, in a few minutes, to reach the lowest point of his hearing, the slowest is also within three days, while the Turkic is a sensory nerve. Sexual deafness, hearing loss is at least20decibel. The sensorineural deafness is 啥 I will not explain it, Baidu has a large search, and interested friends can search for it.

The incidence of sudden abruptness is about5~20/10Wan, that is to say10At least 10,000 people have5A sudden patient, of course, this is only an estimate. Due to the current social environment, the reason of the rhythm, this number will only be high and not low. Don’t think that this chance is very small, in case one day your bad luck comes. Now, maybe you will fall off your head.

The axons are generally unilateral deafness, and only a few patients have deafness in both ears. This figure is about the number of patients with sudden deafness.2%Left and right, however, in addition to the average person in the sudden increase in hearing loss, except for the general hearing loss, tinnitus, ear nausea, dizziness and other symptoms, these are normal, a complication of deafness.

According to clinical estimates65%The abrupt patients will heal themselves, which is determined by the cause of the sudden, but in fact only used10%The patient can detect the cause of the abruptness, so now, the Turk is still unable to determine the cause.

After discovering that there is sudden deafness, it is obvious that the hearing loss has decreased. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. The sudden treatment of gold is after the onset of illness.72In the hour, you must treat it as soon as possible in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect. At the same time, when the treatment is generally middle-aged, the effect of young people will be higher than that of the elderly.

If you find that there is no effect or poor effect after surgical treatment with this type of drug, you can choose to improve your hearing by wearing a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.

Sudden deafness

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