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What if the hearing aid falls out and there is no sound?

Although our hearing loss patients are wearing their ears when they use the hearing aids on weekdays, there are inevitably some other situations or special circumstances, such as being touched, not holding, etc., so that the hearing aids are dropped. On the ground, then the hearing aid fell behind.

There is no sound or the sound is getting lighter after the hearing aid falls. What is the reason?

First of all, we have to consider whether it is a problem with the hearing aid battery. Before the hearing aid disappears, there is still sound. But after falling, there is no sound. Generally, it is not caused by the battery being dead. It is very likely that the battery is out of line. Install it to see if it can solve this problem.

The battery is ok, we need to consider whether the microphone or internal parts of the hearing aid are damaged. At this time, we can’t solve the problem by ourselves, or we should not open the inspection by ourselves. It is very troublesome to lose any small parts.

So the best way to take this time is to bring your warranty card and hearing aid to the fitting center to let the professional staff check it for you. If they can’t solve it, they will send it back to the factory for repair. The warranty period is free. For repairs, maintenance costs will be charged after the expiration date.

Secondly, dropping may also cause the hearing aid shell to rupture. After all, a product like a hearing aid is very afraid of shocking. If the shell is broken, it will cause a howling sound after wearing it. It can’t be worn. At this time, it is necessary to re-customize a shell to solve the problem.

Hearing aid dropped damage

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