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What is the use of hearing aids?

Hearing aids are a device that can only be used by people who suffer from hearing loss. What is the use of hearing aids?

From the literal meaning, it is understood that the hearing aid is used to help us listen to the sound of these deaf patients. Yes, otherwise why is it called a hearing aid? In fact, the role of the hearing aid is not only to help the deaf patients hear the sound, but also to protect it. The role of residual hearing.

Some people will ask, since hearing aids can help deaf people hear the sound, does it mean that hearing aids can treat deafness?

Of course not, hearing the sound and treating deafness is not a concept. The hearing aid is said to be just an auxiliary device. Its function is the same as that of glasses, and the hearing aid is not an artifact.

When we have hearing loss, we need to wear a hearing aid in time. Why? This is another role of the hearing aid I mentioned before, protecting residual hearing.

Secondly, residual hearing, residual hearing is very important for us to wear hearing aids. If there is no residual hearing, then we have no effect on wearing hearing aids. I will simply describe the concept of residual hearing, which means that our hearing is impaired. After the rest of the auditory function, only the residual hearing can be protected to prevent the deafness from further aggravating.

Residual hearing is a measure of the hearing loss of a deaf patient. The less residual hearing loss, the more serious your hearing loss, and the more residual hearing loss, the lighter your hearing loss.

But in fact, people in our country don’t pay much attention to hearing health. Many people suffer from mild hearing loss, but they don’t think it matters. They don’t get in the way. When people talk, they are a little louder and can still be heard. When it is often This kind of thinking has caused their hearing loss to become more and more serious. Until the speech recognition ability also has problems, it affects the daily communication to pay attention. At this time, even if you choose a suitable hearing aid, it is not. If the law immediately hears what others have said, it will take a long time to train and adapt.

Therefore, when we find that we have inaudible, inaudible symptoms such as deafness, we should go to the hospital in time, and then check the hearing loss. If you can recover your hearing through clinical treatment, it is best if you can’t. Then you need to wear a hearing aid as early as possible to protect your residual hearing and prevent further hearing loss.

The role of hearing aids

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