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What is the feeling of deafness?

What kind of feeling is deafness?

Deafness is also graded, and the recognition of sound by different levels of deaf patients is naturally different.

If you are a full-fledged patient, then you can’t hear the world. For you, it’s a silence in your brain, it’s a horror, you can even say it’s dead, and watching someone else is like watching a silent movie. The patient can be said to be very painful, and we are basically unable to understand and feel.

If you are a very severe deaf patient, there is no difference between it and the whole sputum. It is also impossible to communicate normally. Pain is inevitable. Basically, there is no feeling for most of the voices. I open my mouth but don’t know what to say or don’t even know what to say.

If you are a serious deaf patient, and you are not good at it, you only have a voice for a loud voice. Just pay attention to the sound, know that others are talking, but you don’t know what you are saying, you can’t distinguish the speech, we The decibel that a normal person speaks is50To60Decibels are around, and patients with severe deafness can hardly hear this sound.

If you are a moderate deaf patient, at least it is better than the previous ones. It is difficult for you to speak loudly, it is not easy to understand what others are saying, if you have a moderate hearing loss in infants and young children. Then you are likely to cause speech growth retardation, which will affect the later language learning.

If you are a mild deaf patient, in fact, most of these patients are not much different from ordinary people. Most people can tell what they are saying by speaking loudly.

In addition to these obvious changes in deafness, long-term deafness can change a person’s psychology. Long-term deafness can’t be heard clearly. It can’t be said that people feel inferior and can’t talk to others. According to research, listen gently. The probability of suffering from senile dementia in a disabled person is normal.1.89The probability that a moderately impaired patient with senile dementia is normal3The probability of suffering from senile dementia in patients with severe hearing impairment is normal.4.94Times.


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