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How to judge whether you need to wear a hearing aid in your life

As our age grows, our hearing situation is always on the downhill route, just because the change is too small, not that we can detect it in two days, except for sudden deafness. When we feel that the hearing changes, most of them indicate that our hearing has been damaged, we need to start wearing hearing aids. Then, in daily life, how do we judge whether we need to wear hearing aids?

Hearing is not concentrated. Deaf patients will notice that their hearing is getting less and less concentrated in the early days. When talking with people, it is not easy to focus on the communication with each other.

The voice is getting louder. This is actually not easy to detect. If you say friends or family members around you often react that your recent voice is getting louder and louder, the sound of watching TV is getting bigger and bigger. This means that your hearing is already a problem and you need to wear a hearing aid.

Can’t hear or hear. In fact, this is very obvious. When you often can’t hear or can’t hear what others have said, it already means that you are suffering from hearing loss. It is already clear that your ability to distinguish words has been reduced. This time is not about to suffer from deafness, but you are already suffering from deafness.

Tinnitus, the appearance of tinnitus is often a sign of deafness, long-term sorrow is justified, many hearing loss patients have tinnitus before deafness, but also the warning of other diseases of the body, when the symptoms of tinnitus At the time, we should go to the hospital for a systemic examination to see if the indicators are normal and whether there are hidden diseases.

When you communicate with others, you often have to say a few more times. This can be classified as a category before you can hear it. If you want to ask the other person to repeat it, is it because you can’t hear it? If the speech recognition is low, even if the distance is very close, others will be asked to repeat the words.

When we have these symptoms mentioned above, as long as you have one, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to check your hearing situation. If you find a problem and the hearing has been lost, you should intervene in time. You can first treat it with drugs or surgery to see if it works. If the effect is not good, you should wear a hearing aid in time to avoid hearing loss becoming more serious.

Hearing loss wearing hearing aid

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