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Can I wear a hearing aid on the plane?

The appearance of the aircraft is convenient for many people. Our global hearing-impaired patients have many, and there are many hearing aids. Can you wear a hearing aid on the plane? Will it have any effect?

In fact, if the aircraft is in the process of smooth driving, there is no data showing that there are any bad problems in wearing the hearing aid, and the hearing aid can also be put on the plane.

At the time of security screening, our hearing loss patients should inform the security inspectors that they have hearing problems. If the hearing loss is too heavy and the communication is inconvenient, the pen and paper can be prepared in advance, and words can be used to communicate when necessary.

According to the international security management, during the security check, it is not necessary for the hearing-impaired patients to take off the hearing aids. If the security inspectors still insist on taking them down, they can ask to communicate with their responsible persons to avoid taking them down. After the crowd, the crowding caused loss or damage.

Secondly, when flying, when the aircraft rises or falls, our hearing loss patients can not wear hearing aids, avoiding pressure changes inside and outside the tympanic membrane caused by blockage of the external auditory canal, even those who do not wear hearing aids, they also need to pass Chewing, mouth to maintain the pressure inside and outside the middle ear, if you have children, especially children within six months is not recommended to fly, because their eustachian tube is not fully developed, it is more likely to cause the middle ear Negative pressure.

In addition to the above, we are also prone to a disease, aviation otitis media when flying, this otitis media will be affected by both adults and children, especially those with colds or eustachian tube inflammation. They are more likely to have this problem.

Then there is another point, many people don’t know or don’t knowXThe light opportunity will not have any bad influence on the hearing aid. Here is a statement.XLight machines do not affect other hearing devices such as hearing aids.

Wearing a hearing aid on the plane

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