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Under what circumstances, the elderly need to wear a hearing aid

As the old people grow older, their immunity will also decline, the body’s various functions are also declining, and the auditory organs are also the same. Most of the elderly have hearing problems, according to individual differences, living habits, living environment, etc. The situation will be different. So, under what circumstances does the old man’s hearing need to wear a hearing aid?

In theory, whether it is a young person or an old person, the average hearing loss detected after pure tone audiometry is reached.35After decibels or above, it is recommended to wear a hearing aid.

We often find that when we communicate with the elderly, because they can’t hear clearly, they often say it? what? I have to ask again, and this has happened many times. In fact, it has already explained that there is a problem with hearing. It needs to be compensated by wearing a hearing aid.

Secondly, some elderly people can’t hear the ringing of mobile phones and the sound of birds. These two are typical high-frequency sounds, which means that the high-frequency hearing loss of the elderly is a bit serious. At this time, the elderly are also required to wear hearing aids.

On weekdays, we find that when there is a problem with the hearing of the elderly, it is time to accompany the elderly to the fitting center or the hospital to do a hearing test to see how the hearing loss is, but if there is such a situation I said above, the elderly listen. Most of the damage has been mild or even more serious.

When the elderly hear this situation, they need to wear a hearing aid. At the same time, most of the elderly’s deafness is senile deafness, which is generally bilaterally symmetrical. Therefore, it is best to wear two hearing aids. The ears can be heard more clearly, have a sense of direction to the sound, and prevent another one from wearing. The hearing of the ear of the hearing aid continues to decline.

The elderly may feel uncomfortable after wearing the hearing aid. This is normal. Even if we are young people, this phenomenon will occur. After wearing the hearing aid, there is an adaptation period. Normally, it is normal.1 ~ 3Months or so, depending on individual circumstances, such as the more serious the hearing loss, the longer the time, the older the age, the longer the time will be.

Senile deafness wearing hearing aid

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