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How long does a hearing aid last?

In addition to the hearing aid price and the effect of the hearing aid when hearing loss patients purchase hearing aids, one problem that will definitely be concerned is how long a hearing aid can last. I believe that no one will hope that after spending thousands of tens of thousands of dollars to buy a hearing aid, the result will not be used for a long time, and it will definitely be used for a long time.

As for how long a hearing aid can last, let’s talk about the answer. Generally, the hearing aid can be used as long as it is used normally.5To8Year, of course, if you are well maintained, a hearing aid10Year is also no problem.

So what can be done to extend the life of the hearing aid?

The most basic thing is to do daily dry maintenance work. The hearing aids are all equipped with special drying boxes. With this thing, we need to use them. There is a desiccant in the hearing aid drying box, which is also dedicated. If the desiccant is found to be discolored during the process, it cannot be used and needs to be replaced.

Generally, such a hearing aid drying box is put in before the sleep every night when the hearing aid is dry, and then taken out in the morning and then taken out. Before putting it in the dry box, you need to take care to remove the hearing aid battery and put it in.

Then we still have some people, they use the electronic drying box, the electronic drying box is different from the ordinary drying box, this is the drying ability is stronger, it is not necessary to put it in every night, dry once a week, while drying time It doesn’t take too long, every time2.3Hours, no more than4Hours, drying time is too long,Will promote the aging of hearing aid components,Reduce the life of hearing aids.

Remember whether it is the original dry box or the electronic drying box. It is necessary to take care of the hearing aid battery before putting it into the drying box.

Hearing aid drying box

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