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What can a small hearing aid do?

The hearing aid is an auxiliary device that the hearing loss patient will use. Nowadays, the hearing aid has become smaller and smaller, so that it can be inserted into our ear canal. What role can a small hearing aid play?

The role of hearing aids is sure to enhance our hearing ability. The original design of hearing aids is to accept the sound of the outside world, then zoom in and pass it into our ears. The hearing loss can improve the hearing by wearing hearing aids. capable.

Many people can hear the ringtones of the mobile phones that they could not hear, the sound of birds outside, the ringing of the door, etc. After all, the ears are not good enough to hear the sound, which is very inconvenient for our life. There will be certain security risks.

Secondly, wearing a hearing aid can improve the speech resolving ability. Many patients’ hearing loss is accumulated for a long time, so their speech recognition ability will be reduced, so there will be inaudible and incomprehensible phenomena. Long-term wearing of hearing aids is This can be improved and the speech recognition can be improved.

Then there is a point that the hearing aid can’t treat the hearing loss. It is just an auxiliary device. Many people think that the hearing aid can treat the deafness. This is the wrong view, just as the glasses can treat myopia is not correct.

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