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The impact of deafness on various groups of people

Deafness is a familiar word, and it is also a very common symptom. It is true that symptoms are not symptoms, and people of all ages may have deafness, even if you are here. With this article, the next second, for various reasons, you are embarrassed.

So what are the effects of deafness on various groups of people?

Deafness in infants and young children: At this time, they are still in the period of children learning language. If they are not treated in time after suffering from deafness, it will affect the development of speech, which will lead to unclear or even unclear after growing up.

Young people’s deafness: At this time, they are going to school. Nowadays, children’s academic pressure is so great that their homework is very difficult. Because of deafness, listening to the lessons taught by the teacher, the results are likely to fall, and because of deafness, listen If you say something that others have said, you will still be afraid to communicate with others. If you have fewer friends, and you have locked yourself in a person’s space for a long time, you will most likely cause autism.

Middle-aged people are deaf: middle-aged people are also commonly known as office workers. Their influence after deafness is actually quite large. The workplace is very remnant and very realistic, because your deafness is likely to be in an important meeting. Did not hear or misunderstand the boss’s instructions, resulting in a project failure, if the loss to the company is great, you are also likely to be dismissed.

Old people’s deafness: The elderly deafness is very common, and the problems are also more, and the elderly deafness is more likely to cause a safety accident, the elderly’s legs and feet are inconvenient, inflexible, plus the deafness can not hear the car’s sound Flute sound, in case the car can not stop, the elderly can not dodge in time, resulting in a security incident. At the same time, the probability of developing dementia after deafness is higher than that of people without deafness.

When you first start wearing it, the time should not be too long, otherwise the discomfort will be very strong. It will be almost half an hour to an hour at the beginning. After you have adapted to this time, gradually increase and gradually increase.


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