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Can the hearing aid be used by the rain?

Hearing aids belong to an electronic product. We all know that all electronic products are very afraid of water. The same is true for hearing aids. If we suddenly wear heavy rain when we wear hearing aids, we have no umbrellas, which causes the hearing aids to be rained. When it comes to it, can this hearing aid still be used?

First of all, we are getting rainy. If we don’t have an umbrella and there is no place to hide from the rain, we should take off the hearing aid in time to prevent it from being rained. This is to be clear.

Then let’s talk about what can’t be done.

After being exposed to the rain, it is definitely not available immediately. Don’t try to try it on to see if there is any sound. If the hearing aid does not ensure that it is in the water, if there is water inside, try to wear the inner part of the hearing aid. Short circuit, then it is very likely to be scrapped.

After the rain, clean the surface with a clean cotton cloth or paper towel, then remove the battery, open the battery compartment door, put it into the special drying box for the hearing aid, if the rain is not long, you can dry it yourself.8After about an hour or so, the general moisture is gone, you can try it on and see if there is any sound.

If you are not at ease, you can also do not take the above steps, directly bring the hearing aid to the local fitting center, let the professionals help you dry, they will generally use the better vacuum dehumidification treatment.

There are a few points that we need to emphasize. After rain or water, remember not to use a small sun or a hair dryer to try to dry the hearing aid. The outer casing of the hearing aid is likely to change or be damaged due to excessive temperature. Various faults have occurred.

Secondly, don’t worry if the hearing aid is completely dry. Don’t try to wear it. As I said before, if there is water, it will cause short-circuit damage to the internal parts.

Another point is that there are some hearing aids that are so-called waterproof hearing aids, but this waterproofing still has a limit. Although it can accept short-term water contact, if you wear it to take a bath, swimming is definitely not enough.

Hearing aid is rained

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