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How to debug the digital hearing aid to achieve the best condition

The digital hearing aid is different from the analog hearing aid. It uses a non-linear amplification line to convert the voice signal into a digital signal, and processes the digital voice signal through various digital signal processing methods according to the patient’s hearing needs.

The digital hearing aid can automatically match the amplification intensity of different frequency sounds according to the external environment and the user’s hearing loss situation, but each hearing loss patient’s feeling for the sound is definitely different, so the hearing aid needs to be debugged multiple times. No, any hearing aid can make the user very satisfied after debugging.

So how can we debug the hearing aid to its optimum state?

To achieve the best condition, not only depends on the performance of the hearing aid and your needs for the hearing aid, the same patient, the recognition of the sound is different in different environments, for example, the same60The voice of decibels, in a quiet office, and the noisy vegetable market, for the patients, what he hears is definitely different, and may not even be clear in a noisy environment.

Therefore, for the user, during the wearing process, it is necessary to go to the fitting center for debugging several times, and at the same time, each time the problem is found during the wearing or a listening situation when listening to the user, the things are recorded and then debugged. When you can tell the fitter, let the fitter have more time to debug, and you can achieve an optimal wearing effect after many times of debugging.

Digital hearing aid debugging

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