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Is it harmful to wear hearing aids for a long time?

Hearing aids are now well known, but many people don’t know if wearing a hearing aid can hurt the ear.

The hearing aid itself does not affect our ears.

Many people think that wearing a hearing aid will affect hearing and lead to a decrease in hearing. In fact, this is a very wrong concept. Even people who are normally hearing will grow with their age and their hearing will decline. Therefore, it has nothing to do with hearing aids.

Many people who wear hearing aids will feel that the hearing situation is worse than before. This is actually an illusion. After wearing the hearing aid for a long time, after a long time, our brain is used to wearing the hearing aid. The sound came, and after the hearing aid was removed, the brain reacted at once, which led us to the illusion that hearing was reduced.

However, if you are interested, you can go to the fitting center to check your hearing, and you will find that your hearing situation has actually changed.

The hearing loss of senile deafness is also very normal. This is because the hearing loss caused by the deterioration of the elderly’s own hearing organs can not be prevented. Wearing a hearing aid can not completely prevent the decline of hearing, but it can play a relief role. .

Long-term wearing hearing aid

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