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How to choose a hearing aid if your hearing is not good

China has entered an aging society. According to data analysis, there are hearing disabilities and speech communication barriers in older people with 30% or more in China, and senile deafness has become a social problem. It is imperative to improve the quality of life of the elderly through modern hearing aid facilities. However, there are many senile deaf patients and family members who have this doubt. They think that the elderly are old and deafness is a normal phenomenon. Some elderly people are very reluctant to hearing aids. They worry that prolonged use of hearing aids will damage hearing and depend on hearing aids. Sex.

How to choose a hearing aid

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the elderly relying on hearing aids. Many people are old, their eyes are not good, they will use the reading glasses. If the legs and feet are unfavorable, they will use crutches, but the strange thing is that many people do not like to use hearing aids, and they feel dependent. In fact, hearing aids, like reading glasses and crutches, are all auxiliary tools for the elderly. Wearing hearing aids can slow down the process of hearing degradation, help improve the hearing of the elderly, avoid further hearing loss, and improve the mental state of the elderly. If the elderly use the hearing aids, they can’t be separated from the “he can’t get off”, which means that the hearing aids play their due role, greatly improving the user’s hearing condition, which is a good thing.

The hearing aid is a kind of sound amplification device that helps people listen to the sound. It is mainly composed of micro pickups, amplifiers, earphones, ear molds and power supplies. There are two kinds of air conduction hearing aids and bone conduction hearing aids. Air conduction hearing aids have appearancesBox, ear-back type, ear canal type and in-ear type, etc., according to the patient’s requirements and deafness. It is generally necessary to undergo a detailed audiological examination and evaluation by an otologist before being assessed by a hearing aid fitting. Hearing aids can be used for language frequencies (500Hz~2000Hz) with an average hearing loss of 35dB~80dB; hearing loss 60dB is best. At present, hearing aids are mainly equipped with air-guided hearing aids. For both sides of the hearing loss, if the loss of the two ears is basically the same, it is best to wear hearing aids in both ears. The binaural listening function forms an integrated effect on the brain speech recognition, and can produce a stereo effect, which is convenient for sound source localization, and can be heard in a noisy environment, which can reduce the signal to noise ratio and enhance the hearing aid effect.

Bad hearing

Hearing is not good, how to choose a hearing aid?

Generally, normal elderly deaf patients are suitable for hearing aids, but hearing aids have no therapeutic effect on diseases that cause deafness. Some diseases that cause deafness have a greater impact on health, and some may even threaten life. Therefore, the elderly who suffer from deafness must first go to the hospital for detailed examination, including ear examination and hearing measurement. The doctor can only test after diagnosis. After wearing the hearing aid, the ear can hear clear voice, the tone is more pleasant, the ear does not feel pain, but also pay attention to the size of the earplug, preferably with a volume adjuster.

Deaf people often feel harsh when they first wear a hearing aid. This is because the hearing aid amplifies the sound of the environment while amplifying the sound of the hearing. The deaf person should patiently adhere to it for a period of time and gradually become accustomed to and adapt.

Jinghao medical hearing aid

Older people wear hearing aids to avoid three major misunderstandings

At present, the treatment of senile deafness should be three early: early detection, early treatment, early intervention. Wearing a hearing aid is an effective means, but the application of hearing aids needs to eliminate several misunderstandings:

1, you can buy a hearing aid, some patients did not go through a professional hearing test, just bought a hearing aid to wear, not only the hearing aid is not good, it may further damage the patient’s residual hearing. Hearing aids need to be fitted like myopia glasses. First, there must be a patient’s audiogram. The fitter will debug according to the audiogram, fitting experience and needs, and adjust according to the patient’s comfort. The final test will reach the best fit. The initial hearing aids need to be debugged and adapted, because the hearing aids amplify the sounds that need to be heard, and also amplifies the noise in the surrounding environment. At first, it will feel that the sounds heard are noisy, and it will be better to adapt later.

2, hearing aids will wear more and more, if the hearing aids are properly debugged, they will not wear more and more. As the elderly grow older, the function of various organs will gradually decline, and the ears will be the same. Old age diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, and diabetes can also cause a certain degree of hearing loss, and have nothing to do with wearing a hearing aid. After wearing the hearing aid, the auditory nerve is continuously stimulated, which in turn helps to delay the speed of hearing loss. For patients with tinnitus, the hearing loss is improved, and the tinnitus is reduced or disappeared.

3, many people wear a hearing aid for a period of time, they will feel that the hearing aid is not worn, the hearing is not as good as before, it is considered that the hearing aid wears the ear. In fact, this situation is because the brain has adapted to the sound feeling after wearing the hearing aid. Suddenly taking the hearing aid is difficult to adapt at once. If you don’t wear the hearing aid for a while, it will restore the original feeling, just like the “dark adaptation” of the eyes. (Suddenly from a bright place into a darker place, you will not see clearly, after a while will slowly adapt to see clearly). At this time, the hearing is checked, and the general hearing does not decrease. Some people have a certain degree of hearing improvement due to the sound stimulation of the hearing aid.

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