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Know the hearing aid

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are sophisticated, sophisticated electronic products used to improve deafness. There are a wide variety of modern hearing aids, and a variety of hearing loss types can be found.Hearing aid. In order to further meet the needs of different users, the hearing aids also have outstanding performance in design, the sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of users.

Hearing aid awareness

How does the hearing aid work?

1, microphone pick up sound

2, processor analysis, processing sound

3, the amplifier will amplify the processed sound

The 4 and the receiver release the amplified sound to the human ear canal.

5, the released sound through the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, and finally converted into an electrical stimulus, making the nerves impulsive.

6, the brain picks up these nerve impulses for information processing.

Hearing loss is not simply a failure to hear the doorbell or the sound of your family calling you. This may mean that you will miss out on opportunities during business meetings. Many people have difficulty accepting the fact that there is hearing loss. They may feel that hearing loss is not serious, so no treatment is needed, or treatment can be delayed.

Light and moderate myopia patients will not hesitate to choose glasses. However, patients with mild or moderate hearing loss caused by age or noise often appear hesitant about hearing treatment.

Keep in mind that hearing aids have made great strides and offer a wide range of solutions for hearing patients. The new technology further reduces the size of the hearing aid, and the outside world can hardly see its presence; the new technology further enhances the performance of the hearing aid. The improvement brought by hearing aids is not only in terms of hearing, but studies have shown that adults wearing hearing aids have significantly improved their lives in self-esteem and daily interactions. Therefore, wearing a hearing aid is very important for improving the quality of daily life.

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