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What to pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid

Learning is no stranger to us. From small to large, we have been learning all the time. People have spent the rest of their lives in learning. There are many wonderful things in the world that are based on learning. If you want to succeed or do something, you must learn. If you don’t study, what will our world be like? We don’t know anyone, but certainly not. It is so good now. Learning is not an easy task. If you want to learn well and learn, you need to pay a lot, pay our time, money, sweat, etc., and learn to have several conditions: motivation, hard work, and confidence to succeed. Wearing a hearing aid is no exception. Those who just wear a hearing aid should learn to use a hearing aid and adapt to a hearing aid. Is there enough patience and effort to determine whether the hearing aid wearer canAdaptive hearing aidkey.

Wearing hearing aids

When you first get in touch with your hearing aid, you need to be familiar with the wearing of the hearing aid and how to adjust each device.

First of all, you need to practice using hearing aids in a quiet and familiar environment, learn to listen to the sounds in the environment, and learn to listen to each other’s words in the case of two people. Be careful not to expect great results from hearing aids in a short period of time, otherwise you will be disappointed, and don’t think that hearing aids are ineffective. Hearing aids need to be familiar and practiced for a period of time to produce results. If your friend thinks that the hearing aid is not working, don’t be affected by it, because your hearing loss is different, and your attitude towards hearing aids is different. Your satisfaction with hearing aids is different.

At the beginning, the sound of the hearing aid should be adjusted to a small size. First, adapt to your own voice, because the sound processed by the hearing aid will be different from the previous one, and the patient needs to adapt to the sound. At the beginning, don’t care if you listen clearly, adjust the sound to sound comfortable, don’t be tangled and frightened because you can’t hear clearly.

When you talk to people, you must pay attention to your vision. You can understand each other’s words by observing each other’s mouth and facial expressions.

The hearing aid wearer can ask the other person to slow down or repeat certain words during the conversation, which can help him understand the conversation.

When sitting and watching a performance, the hearing aid wearer can choose to sit in front or in the middle, which is good for him to understand. Patients may be more difficult to understand when watching TV or listening to the radio, because actors may speak in more special tones and often accompany music when speaking, which makes it difficult for patients to hear clearly, so patients should sit as much as possible Within the distance of 2~3 meters, pay attention to the speed and tone of the speech, so that the patient will be able to hear the conversation more easily and guess what he has not heard.

There are also a lot of things to pay attention to, such as taking the phone close to the microphone when you answer the phone, don’t stick to the ear, etc. This requires you to communicate with your hearing aid fittings during the hearing aid. When wearing a hearing aid, the patient should not force himself to do too much study. If you feel unwell, you need to stop and take off the hearing aid and take a break to continue practicing. After a few weeks of practice, the patient will slowly get used to the hearing aid.

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