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Why is the hearing aid price so much worse?

In our current society, because the knowledge of hearing aids is not well understood, many people’s understanding of hearing aids still stays in the most primitive memory of a small box with roots, and stays at the price of several hundred yuan. However, I don’t know that with the advancement of technology, the electronic products are constantly changing, and modern hearing aids have developed into a new stage of adaptive digital processing technology. A qualitative leap in function and performance! In terms of hearing aid prices, nowHearing aid priceFrom a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands of dollars, why are there such big differences in the price of hearing aids, here we make a simple comparison:

1: Hearing aids from a few hundred dollars to 3 are mostly 2 channels manually debugged hearing aids. This kind of hearing aids are not compensated according to the specific circumstances of the patient’s own hearing loss, but are simply simulated according to the hearing loss of some elderly people. Several gain curves are uniformly compensated for the volume compensation of the hearing aid rather than corresponding compensation according to the amount of loss. Wearing this kind of hearing aid for a long time will cause secondary damage to the patient! This simple hearing aid is also poor in noise reduction effect. The effect of wearing this kind of hearing aid is generally not good. Many patients report that it is noisy. Not comfortable.

2: Hearing aids with a price above 3 thousand can basically be programmed and debugged by the computer according to the patient’s audiogram. Gain compensation according to the amount of hearing loss can also limit the output of the maximum sound, protect the patient’s hearing, and not harm the patient’s hearing. However, there are also big differences in the price of these hearing aids. Why is this? We will make a few simple introductions to the machines of the Swiss Phonak:

(1) In terms of the number of channels of the hearing aid, the higher the price of the hearing aid, the more the number of channels. The more channels the more debugging, the finer the debugging. The best hearing aids can be debugged for different syllables. It is very important for children. In the noise reduction effect, the more channels, the better the noise reduction effect, and the noise reduction effect is better, and the clarity and comfort of the speech can be better.

(2) From the function of the hearing aid, the higher the price of the hearing aid, the more automatic programs, such as the Swiss peak power products have 20 channels, 4 automatic program conversion, no manual adjustment, the microphone will collect the sound type The analysis will automatically convert between quiet environment, noise speech mixed environment, pure noise environment and music environment, which is closer to the function of our real ear. The ability to cope with complex environments is stronger. The Swiss Phonak Advanced Edition hearing aid has 16 channels 3 automatic program conversion, which is one less music environment than the top one, which is relatively poor for music lovers. Phonak’s normal version of the hearing aid has 6 channels 2 automatic program conversion function, which is a pure noise environment lower than the advanced version, which is worse for those who often go to work. The standard version of the hearing aid 4 channels, there is no automatic environment conversion function, no wireless function, only manual procedures can be set, which is not convenient for the elderly who are not very flexible.

(3) From the multi-functional use of hearing aids, high-priced hearing aids generally have wireless functions, which can be used with wireless accessories, which solves the problem that some people do not watch TV well and answer the phone badly. Cheap hearing aids do not have wireless capabilities.

The above points are just a simple comparison of expensive hearing aids and cheap hearing aids, but in real life, the choice of hearing aids should also consider personal factors, such as the complexity of the living environment, the tolerance of economic capabilities, and Personal habits, etc., choose a hearing aid that is suitable for you, and you can use it.

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