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What should I pay attention to when buying a hearing aid?

Precautions for purchasing a hearing aid

1: Generally speaking, the higher the technical content of the hearing aid, the higher the price. Of course, the price within the same brand is usually more related to the technical content. The price of different brands of hearing aids sometimes does not reflect the technical content of hearing aids.Brand hearing aidThe price is significantly higher than other brands. Personally think that sometimes hearing aid manufacturers in the price, part of the consideration of market competition needs, not entirely based on the technology of the product to price. This will result in different cost performances for hearing aids from different manufacturers.

2: The price of a hearing aid is related to the appearance of the hearing aid. The same technical hearing aids are usually made smaller and the price is higher.

3: The impact of hearing aid sales channels: The price of hearing aids is usually determined by the manufacturer. However, the current price of hearing aids is affected by the sales channels, and the same hearing aids can be seen on the Internet at different levels of discounts. If the hearing aid can be judged only based on the price of the hearing aid and the technical content of the hearing aid, then buying a hearing aid is a relatively simple matter. Many hearing aid patients can buy a high-tech, low-cost hearing aid online to bring better. Hearing aids. In fact, many patients bought a hearing aid with a high cost performance. They felt very affordable when they bought it. They didn’t get the corresponding hearing aids when they took them home. They couldn’t even wear them. Some people are very upset and regret it too late. In fact, everyone has neglected the most important and most easily overlooked factors: hearing aid prices also include professional fitters accurately and thoroughly grasp the user’s hearing loss characteristics, matching the most suitable hearing aid technology to specific hearing loss ears. Ongoing, continuous and professional, scientific auditory rehabilitation and hearing aid debugging and service after the selection of hearing aids. On this important issue, patients are weak because they can’t judge whether they are professional. Everyone is propagating “the most professional, the best, the biggest”. How to judge and choose? Due to space limitations, I will not start this issue anymore. This is just to remind patients to pay attention to this problem, compare the specific test items of each hearing center, and use professional standards to compare, such as whether the equipment is professional, whether the test items are more complete, whether the hearing aid effect evaluation and verification are done, whether or not Sound field simulation test, real ear analysis, whether it is possible to make very high quality ear molds on site and so on. I believe that as long as you value this issue, you will definitely get the right judgment.

Because the purpose of your hearing aid is to get results, not to save money. If you buy it, you will be wasted if it is cheaper. If you accidentally damage your ear, you will lose more.

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