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Advantages of binaural hearing aids

In daily work, I often hear the old man put forward the saying: “Hey, when you are so old, you can get a hearing aid to hear it.”

So, should the hearing aid be equipped with one or two? The answer is that the binaural hearing loss must be matched with both ears.

Binaural hearing aid

First, the wearing of hearing aids with binaural sound source

The reason why we have two ears is that it must have its inevitability. The ears grow on both sides of the head and have the function of distinguishing the direction. If there is hearing loss at the same time, we only give one ear. Wearing a hearing aid to listen to the sound will lead to inaccurate direction of the sound. For example, the elderly wear a hearing aid to walk on the road, and there is a car sound behind. The old man will definitely look back at the position of the car from the side wearing the hearing aid to avoid it in time. But at this time, the car may be on the other side of the elderly. Therefore, only the binaural optional hearing aid can accurately locate the sound.

Second, wearing hearing aids in both ears can avoid delayed hearing deprivation

If the hearing aid is worn unilaterally for a long time, the other side of the ear can not hear or hear the sound for a long time, which reduces the stimulation of the sound to the auditory nerve, which will lead to the slow decline of the hearing function, the occurrence of hearing deprivation, and the selection of the hearing aid after hearing deprivation. Far less than the effect of the previous choice of hearing aids, even if it is a higher-end, more powerful hearing aid than before, therefore, both ears must have hearing aids at the same time.

Third, the binaural hearing aid has the effect of suppressing tinnitus

Some hearing loss patients will also have tinnitus at the same time.tinnitusThe phenomenon does not necessarily occur in patients with hearing loss. There are many people with tinnitus in the general population, including myself. My experience is that when I am at night or enter the listening room, I feel the sound of tinnitus is very loud, like squatting. Called, while in the normal working conditions during the day, I can’t feel my own tinnitus. In fact, it is masked by the sound in the surrounding environment. After hearing loss, the hearing loss is equivalent to the tinnitus patient in a quiet environment. In the state, after hearing aids are compensated, the feeling of tinnitus is obviously reduced, and even the tinnitus disappears.

Fourth, wearing a hearing aid with both ears can eliminate the cephalometric effect

Once someone speaks on the side where the hearing loss is not worn by the hearing loss, the hearing loss will be inaudible or inaudible. This is because the sound will reach the block when the sound reaches the opposite ear. Since the composition is not easy to bypass the skull due to the short wavelength, the intensity is attenuated when it reaches the other ear.

5. The loudness of hearing aids worn by both ears is higher than that of single ears 6-10 decibels

In a noisy environment, wearing a hearing aid with both ears can also better suppress the noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. That is, the hearing aids worn by the ears can obviously feel much clearer than the single ear in a noisy environment.

Six, the ears wear hearing aids have stereo sound quality

Just like the way we listen to music with headphones, there is stereo, very nice, and when you remove a headset, you will feel the sound is thinner, as well as wearing a hearing aid.

In summary, both ears have hearing loss at the same time. It is impossible for two eyes to wear only one lens. It is impossible to wear only one shoe for two feet. It is necessary to wear hearing aids in both ears to protect your residual hearing and improve. Quality of Life.

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