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What are the effects of hearing aids?

What are the effects of hearing aids?

One: improve hearing ability

As a sound amplifying device, the hearing aid can effectively amplify the outside world. Users with hearing loss can improve their hearing ability by wearing a hearing aid and hearing the amplified sound signal.

In our lives, many people with hearing impairments do not respond to many sounds without wearing hearing aids. For example, they can’t hear the sound of boiled water, the sound of vehicles passing by on the road, and so on. These conditions are actually very dangerous, especially for small children and elderly people.

Then, by wearing a hearing aid, the hearing impaired person can improve the hearing ability, can notice these sounds, and respond to various sounds in life in time.

Second: improve speech resolution

Most of the hearing loss is often not caused overnight, but is the result of a slow decline in long-term hearing. Such users generally have problems with reduced speech recognition ability. At this point, you can improve your speech resolving ability by sticking to the hearing aid.

Long-term hearing loss can cause hearing-impaired users to hear sounds but not understand them during daily communication.

For example: Many elderly people often put forward in the communication, repeatedly: “What do you say?”. At this time, the old man actually heard the sound, but because of the decline in speech resolution, there is no good ability to distinguish the heard sound, so the interlocutor will need to repeat the semantics repeatedly.

By wearing a hearing aid for a long time, the speech resolution will gradually increase, but the degree of specific improvement needs to be accompanied by a reasonable and patient adaptation process. The results will vary from person to person, and hearing impaired users need to maintain a good mentality and insist on wearing hearing aids every day.

Three: hearing aids are not a treatment, just auxiliary equipment

Many users of hearing aids will feel anxious before wearing them. They hope that after hearing aids, hearing will return to normal levels. However, the hearing aid is not a treatment, but a hearing aid that does not make the user’s hearing the same as a normal person. In the formal hearing aid fitting center, the hearing condition is checked, and the hearing aids that are professionally fitted and debugged according to the individual’s hearing loss can effectively delay the process of hearing loss and maintain the existing hearing and speech ability.

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