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How long does it take to wear a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are of great benefit to the hearing impaired and can effectively improve their quality of life. However, unfortunately, due to the high price of the product itself, some people are ashamed to wear, coupled with the well-known technical processing and magnification problems, only about 20~25% of the hearing loss people chose to wear hearing aids. . In order to achieve good amplification, the hearing impaired must first realize and accept the fact that their hearing has a problem; another key element is that hearing-impaired patients must have confidence in the hearing aid and believe that they can benefit from it.

According to the China Audiology Network, if patients who do not use hearing aids ask why they do not have hearing aids, at least 72% of patients have the main question: When can the effect be seen? A large number of studies have shown that the hearing aids are very effective. It has also been reported many times that hearing aids can solve 80% hearing problems. In contrast, the time when “when” can see the effect is very small. Therefore, in this article, the Chinese Audiology Network expert introduced a recent experimental result completed in the United States, which can objectively answer the question “when”.

Wearing a hearing aid effect

We know that hearing patients from the realization of hearing loss to the use of hearing aids, most of them will go through the following process:

1. has brought unnecessary attention to itself due to frequent misunderstandings;

2. Do you suspect that you are suffering?Hearing loss;

3. Confirm that you have a hearing problem;

4. Considers and ultimately realizes the consequences of hearing loss;

5. recognizes and understands hearing problems;

6. recognizes and understands wearable hearing aids to solve this problem.

The study found that, unlike what we usually know, many hearing-impaired people, even if they are first-time equipped with hearing aids, once worn and adapted to hearing aids, especially those of the 3.0 era of hearing aids, such as: tympanic hearing aids, Chinese speech fitting strategies, Open ear canal hearing aids (RITE), etc., can immediately benefit from it.

In view of this, American audiologists recently completed an experiment. They evaluated the hearing-disabled people with an average 43 age of 68 in two places. All participants presented a mild to moderately symmetric sensorineural hearing loss. The researchers also conducted a noise speech test and a hearing test on the participants to evaluate the entire process. Through a variety of parameter comparisons, hearing-impaired patients can benefit immediately by wearing a hearing aid. For example, after wearing a hearing aid, the patient’s hearing threshold (the lowest intensity level at which the hearing aid can be heard) is reduced, in a harmful signal-to-noise ratio environment. Hearing performance is improved and self-voice perception is improved. Moreover, during the 30 day test, these benefits also showed a slight continuous improvement trend. During the test, the average time taken by the test subjects to wear the hearing aid was 10 hours or more.

In short, the results of the above studies show that the correct use of hearing aids, in the shortest month, patients can clearly feel the benefits of hearing aids. Therefore, the Chinese Audio-Visual Network experts suggest that for every month who want to wear a hearing aid patient, they can finally feel the effect, and therefore use the hearing aid voluntarily.

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