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If you give me three days of voice

Guided by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, supported by the Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory, co-sponsored by the China Deaf Association and the Zhongshan Library of Guangdong Province, organized by the Guangdong Deaf Association The selection of the 2nd National Hearing Handicapped Essay Contest has ended. Chen Xin, a student of Taizhou Special Education School, is lucky to win the award. Let us come and enjoy her award-winning article.

If you give me three days of voice

Author | Chen Xin

Instructor | Pang Pinyue

“Everyone has a forest of their own, maybe we have never been there, but it has always been there, always there, the lost people are lost, the meeters will meet again, even your most beloved, There is a forest in your heart that you can’t reach.” But my forest is extraordinarily quiet.

At 6:15 in the morning, I was still asleep. Someone gently pulled my quilt and patted my shoulder. I don’t have to think about it. It must be the teacher on duty. “Hey, I still can’t hear the ringing bell.” Rubbing her eyes, watching the teacher yelling at us, I got dressed, washed, and hurried downstairs.

Today is Friday. When I was having breakfast, my classmates and I were excited to talk about where to go for dinner on the weekend. Because we are about to graduate, this is something to celebrate. When I talked about the teachers who were invited to dance, my hands accidentally knocked over the soup in the bowl and made the opposite class laugh. She said in a sign: “First eat, don’t chat.” Way, I stopped the action of sign language, and put a buns in my mouth.

Yes, I am a monk.

I live in a silent and silent world. I put up cartoons on TV. I have no words. I am awkward. I go to the canteen to make soy sauce. I don’t understand what the boss said. I feel inferior. One person walks on the street and can’t hear the car. Flute, I am afraid; facing the doctor, can’t tell my illness, I am anxious.

I have two “small ears” – hearing aids. Thanks to them, I can hear a little bit of noisy sounds, I can’t hear the sound of birds, I can at least hear the roar of the plane; I can’t hear the soothing piano music. At least you can hear the best rock music; you can’t hear people’s whispers, at least you can hear the cheers on the court. They are my baby and my weakness. I am afraid that the “small ears” are out of power. The silent world makes me uneasy. I am afraid that when it rains, the “small ears” will get wet and will be damaged. I am afraid that others will look at my “small ears” with strange eyes and refuse to communicate with me. friend.

I used to wonder whether I came from outer space. On my planet, there is no need to talk between people, only by heart, eyes, brain waves.

Until one night, I had a dream. In the dream, there is a fairy with white hair. He said in an old voice: “Give you three days of voice, listen to the wonderful voice of the world…” I was thinking about asking, the immortal had gone far.

In the early morning, I was in a confused sleep, “Hey, hey…” A crisp bird song, it was so nice. Um?! God?! I sat up with excitement, I can really hear the sound, I have three days to listen to the wonderful voice of this world!

I came to the window and listened and listened with excitement, ah! The song of the bird, how light, how delicate, how sweet. I couldn’t restrain my inner excitement and excitement. I immediately got up and dressed and went downstairs. I heard the sound of going downstairs. “Hey, hey, hey,” it was amazing! My mother told me to have breakfast, she still followed the usual way. I am signing a sign, she still doesn’t know that I can hear the sound, I nodded to have breakfast. Mom and Dad are talking about what kind of major I am in high school, here is West Point, there is a haircut and there is no debate. At this moment, I suddenly looked up: “You don’t argue.” Dad put down the chopsticks and said with amazement: “Have you heard? Can you hear me talking?” Dad asked me again indefinitely, I ordered. Nod, “The daughter heard it!” Mom was crying excitedly. “So many years, I finally waited until you can hear it!” I quickly appeased my mother: “Mom, don’t cry, you should be happy, smile.” “My mother heard my words and wiped my tears and said, “Okay, I am happy!” Mom hugged me tightly, and Dad came over and hugged me and my mother, and said happily: “This is a day worth celebrating!”

It happened to be Saturday today, Mom and Dad didn’t go to work, they were immersed in joy all day, and excited to everyone around me, “My daughter can hear us! Really!” Neighbors, the owner of the store, the uncle in the market, they are all happy for me. Mom and Dad called many relatives and friends and celebrated me with great enthusiasm. At the table, Mom and Dad kept giving me a dish and asked me: “Is it delicious?” I nodded like a chicken. Uncles and aunts kept talking about things that I didn’t know over the years, what my father and mother paid for me, what my friends around me did for me, everyone’s voice was different, but they care about my tone. Listening.

In the evening, I used my mobile phone to chat with my friends and tell them the good news. They will come out to play tomorrow. I am lying in bed, thinking about today’s business, not willing to sleep, I am afraid that this is just a dream. I listened to music, enjoyed the wonderful sound of the world, and fell asleep…

The next day, just after the day was bright, I got up. When I was washing, I heard the sound of the water in the tap, the sound of my own brushing, the sound of the mouthwash. It’s wonderful! So many things will come out. Sound.

I made an appointment with my friends to go to the amusement park. I walked on the road and listened carefully to everything. The puppy at the entrance of the village is calling, “Wang Wangwang…”; the wind blew gently, the branches shook, “Shashasha…”, and the sound of cars driving on the road, the station’s station sound, so How loud, how amazing, how wonderful.

When I arrived at the amusement park, I told my friends about my magical experience, while playing various amusement facilities happily, listening to people’s various laughter, I comforted my friends: “I believe that one day, you also I will hear these wonderful sounds.” In the afternoon, we are still discussing where to go in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the world is coming raining. I stood by the window, watching the rain keep going, no way, nowhere to go. Gradually, I heard the rain getting louder and louder, “Shashasha! Ticking!” I suddenly felt very enjoyable. The rain quietly sneaked out from the beginning, listening and listening, turning into a downpour.” The sound of 哗哗哗 , continually flows from the eaves on the ground into a small stream of water. “Booming!” After a bolt of lightning, there was a thunder, like an earthquake. It turned out that there were so many sounds in the rain, and my harvest was quite a lot.

In the evening, I sat with my mom and dad to watch TV. Ah, the people in the TV series are really nice! I really can’t sleep.

On the third day, this is the last day of the miracle. I listened to the wonderful sounds of the two days and gained so much. I have to do something for the people around me. I decided to give a speech.

I use the way of speaking and thank the people around me. Whether you are a parent or a friend, a good friend or a loved one, a government leader, etc., when I can’t hear you, I see your contribution and always remember it! Today, I can finally tell you with a thank you. I have received these warm love, you are the most lovely person.

At the same time, I have to say that I am not a weak person. Besides listening, I can do anything. Please don’t refuse me to become a restaurant waiter, I want to bring you delicious food; please don’t refuse me to become a hairdresser because I can’t tell you, I want to bring you charm; please don’t because I call sign language Refuse to communicate with me, I want to say what I think; please don’t look at me with a different look because I wear a hearing aid, I just want to hear the voice of this world.

I, a monk, wants to give you a good advice: listen to the days you can hear, cherish it as you lose your hearing tomorrow! Cherish every care that your parents give you, cherish every encouragement the teacher gives you. Cherish every greeting that your friend gives you…

Midnight is coming, the days of three days of sound are coming to an end, and I will return to a silent world. In just three days, I couldn’t hear the beautiful voices of the whole world, but I have no regrets, because my heart is full of good memories. In the days to come, I can see people and things around me. Remember those wonderful voices.

I only want to listen to you, come to the forest in my heart, or, let me walk into your heart, we work together to overthrow the wall of hearing impairment, and reduce the world’s obstacles and add a touch of green. This is the barrier-free environment in my heart: you and me, laughter, the forest that blooms everywhere in the flower of happiness, happy to meet!


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