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What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids for the elderly?

As we age, the hearing of older people will slowly decline. Therefore, elderly people with poor hearing need to wear hearing aids. So, what are the benefits of wearing a hearing aid for the elderly?

Older people wearing hearing aids can improve mental health

Older people have reduced hearing, and wearing a hearing aid can affect mental health. According to scientific research, older people with hearing impairment have worse thinking and memory than those with normal hearing. Mr. Xu pointed out that hearing loss, the brain’s stimulation of receiving sound is reduced, and it takes more energy to process the sound, thus sacrificing some of the energy originally used to deal with memory and thinking. In the long run, the thinking ability and memory of the elderly are reduced. Therefore, the elderly will have difficulties in communication and reduced communication in their lives. Over time, the elderly lost their social interest and gradually separated themselves from the outside world, becoming silent and psychologically inferior.

Old people wear hearing aids, not susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease

Older people’s hearing loss, without wearing hearing aids will largely lead to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. When the human body hears the sound, the brain will be excited when it receives the sound signal. If the sound is not heard, the consciousness will be in an unexcited state, the brain will lose its vitality, and the response to the outside world will slow down. Over time, hearing loss will make the elderly unresponsive, reduce language ability, and reduce communication. This will not only affect the quality of life of the elderly, but also cause a series of psychological problems such as loneliness, apathy, depression, etc., and serious old age. dementia.

Older people wear hearing aids to make hearing better and better

The hearing of the elderly is declining, and the hearing aids should be worn in time, otherwise the hearing will be worse or worse and lead to deafness. Because of the aging of the body, the shrinking of the cochlear hair cells, the deterioration of the hearing center function, etc., the hearing is declining and even deafness, so many elderly people always complain that they are “audible but inaudible”. However, wearing a hearing aid can just make up for this shortcoming, making the sound heard clear and loud, while slowing down the aging process of the hearing system. Remind the elderly and their children with reduced hearing, and wear hearing aids in time to avoid hearing loss.

Old people wear hearing aids to cover deafness

The amplified sound of the hearing aid suppresses the feeling of tinnitus. If it is only a one-sided option, the tinnitus on the other side may still exist, which will affect comfort and clarity. Therefore, in patients with deafness who have tinnitus or cerebellum in both ears, in order to improve the comfort and intelligibility of listening, try to choose the binaural option. In this way, it can improve the hearing and improve the listening effect and mask the deafness.

Elderly people wear hearing aids to prevent unilateral hearing fatigue

Most elderly people who use hearing aids on one side have a lack of integration, noise reduction and orientation. Often, in order to hear or hear certain sounds, an unrestricted method of increasing the volume of the hearing aid is taken. Over time, the auditory nerves of the brain adapt to loud sounds, which can cause the hearing threshold to increase. Because the binaural wear can improve the integration effect, noise reduction and orientation ability, it will provide the ear with higher comfort and signal-to-noise ratio, which will avoid the unilateral increase of the volume and prevent hearing fatigue.

After reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has realized that the benefits of wearing hearing aids for the elderly are too many. Therefore, if you have hearing problems, remember to wear a hearing aid.

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