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Precautions for the elderly wearing hearing aids

Wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing in the elderly. However, hearing aids cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be worn after strict fitting. The elderly should pay attention to the following points in the process of fitting hearing aids:

(1) Sudden senile deafness, do not rush to wear hearing aids, it is best to go to the regular hospital for otological examinations, such as after a period of treatment still does not improve, and then consider wearing hearing aids.

(2) Before fitting a hearing aid, a comprehensive hearing test must be performed by a professional hearing aid selection agency to select a suitable hearing aid based on the degree of hearing loss. Do not buy it yourself, wear it at will, so as not to damage the remaining hearing.

(3) Senile deafness. If both ears are not good, try to choose a hearing aid with both ears. Binaural wear can be heard more clearly, has a sense of direction to the sound, and can prevent another ear that does not wear a hearing aid from hearing loss.

(4) Older people wearing hearing aids have an acclimation period, usually 1 to 3 months. During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should be moderate. The wearing time should not be too long at the beginning. Every time 30 minutes, it will gradually lengthen.

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