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What is the old man’s deafness?


Many old people always lament when they are mentioned that their hearing is not good. “Hey, the age is big, the hearing in these two years is not as good as before.” In China, most people think that when people reach a certain age, their hearing will inevitably decline, and when hearing declines. At the time, most of the elderly thought that there was no serious problem, and they did not have to trouble their children.

In fact, a series of chain effects caused by the decline in hearing loss of the elderly can be more than simply unclear. It is important to know that hearing loss is a chronic disease that is easily overlooked. Such diseases do not pay attention to many negative effects, such as accelerating dementia. , psychological disorders such as autism.

In fact, in addition to the age itself, there are many other factors in the hearing loss of the elderly. So, what other reasons are causing the hearing loss of the elderly? Let us look at some of the key words that will lead to the hearing loss of the elderly.

1, everyday noise

Usually, the daily noise is best not to exceed 85 decibels (compared to the traffic noise of busy roads, and the elderly in Chinese cities especially like to sit on the roadside of busy roads, and the noise on the roadside of busy roads often exceeds 85 decibels). When using a juicer, blender or grinder, a clean rag or towel can be placed to reduce noise.

2, ambient noise

Dramatic performances, fireworks, sports events and other similar activities can cause huge noise. Chinese old people like to listen to Peking Opera. The more they listen, the more they like to get close. If they watch it on TV, they also like to open a large volume, which will also cause the family to suffer huge noise. Many elderly people have no protective awareness and are prone to hearing impairment. Earplugs should be prepared when participating in activities that may produce a loud voice.

3, chronic disease

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes can greatly increase the risk of hearing loss. Patients should pay close attention to changes in the condition and prevent related injuries. Diabetic patients who actively control blood pressure, maintain normal insulin levels, and take hypoglycemic medications regularly help to minimize hearing loss.

4, licking ears

The accumulation of sputum (ear deafness) tends to block the ear canal, causing temporary hearing damage, and often rubbing the ear may also damage the ear canal and affect hearing. It is very harmful to use ear picks, hairpins or matchsticks to rub your ears. Under normal circumstances, the ear usually has a “self-cleaning function”, and the deafness naturally falls off. In the special case of embolism, you need to go to the hospital to clean the ear canal regularly. Don’t save your ear and ear, it is easy to cause damage to the eardrum.

5, allergies

Nasal congestion caused by a cold or allergy can easily cause the ear canal that regulates pressure to clog due to swelling, causing temporary hearing loss problems. Many old people think that this is caused by “getting angry”. It is good to eat some gunpowder, which will miss the opportunity for treatment. It is recommended to go to the hospital immediately when the ear canal is unwell. The doctor will prescribe appropriate drugs to control allergies according to the condition and prevent edema in the middle ear area.

6, neglecting tinnitus and other symptoms

Some patients have long neglected the symptoms of hearing impairment and did not seek medical treatment in time. It is recommended to seek medical attention immediately if you find tinnitus or consult a hearing specialist immediately. Tinnitus may be the initial signal of a serious illness and should not be taken lightly.

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