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Hearing aid fitting step

Hearing aid fitting step

(1) First, a detailed systemic and otological examination is performed to rule out contraindications for hearing aids.

(2) Perform a comprehensive audiological examination to obtain as much hearing information as possible, preferably to the extent of hearing loss from 250HZ-8000Hz.

(3) advocates wearing both ears. If there is no condition, only when wearing it with one ear, make sure to wear that ear.

(4) makes an ear mold with corresponding acoustic effects.

(5) Selects the power, type, style, color of the outer casing, and magnification of the hearing aid based on the results of the hearing test, the wearer’s wishes, the working environment, and economic conditions.

(6) The working state of the hearing aid is adjusted by computer, interventional gain meter or manual operation depending on the type of hearing aid selected.

(7) Let the patient try on it for a while and then evaluate the hearing aid effect in different sound field environments (including quiet environment, two-person conversation environment, group conversation environment, and language environment). It is important to point out that when evaluating the effect of hearing aids, not only should the hearing and hearing threshold be tested, but also the discomfort threshold after hearing aids should be tested.

(8) Older children and adult patients wear the hearing aid after initial adjustment after the adaptation period, and then use the language test to evaluate the practical effect of the hearing aid; for children who have no language and can not cooperate, they should always use Sound field method for evaluation

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