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Elderly people treat hearing aids rationally

As people age, the various organs of the body gradually age, so the elderly will have some problems with more or less physical. As of the end of 2012, the population of 60 in China is 1.85 billion! Among the diseases related to aging, diseases with obvious physical dysfunction are valued, but others such as senile deafness have long been ignored. According to statistics, among the elderly people over the age of 60 in China, 11% has hearing loss (deafness), about 2000 million; among the elderly with deafness, the elderly with moderate to severe deafness (hearing loss) account for 35%, about 700 million!

Normally, we communicate with the elderly at home, and we often say loudly to the ears of the old people. Everyone knows that the elderly can’t hear clearly. Many people think that when they are older, hearing loss is normal, so they have not given more attention to this. The result is that the old man’s hearing is not as good as one day, until the end is completely inaudible. In fact, if the elderly have hearing loss performance, they should do hearing tests as soon as possible, and wear hearing aids or medication can delay the hearing loss.

Senile deafness is a binaural symmetry and slow progressive sensorineural hearing loss due to aging and degeneration of the auditory organs due to aging. Most of the hearing loss of senile deafness is mainly due to high frequency hearing loss, and the speech recognition ability is significantly reduced, which may be accompanied by symptoms such as tinnitus and dizziness. Although there is currently no clear result for the etiology of senile deafness, it is accompanied by a genetic decline (which makes the auditory system vulnerable), atherosclerosis (causing cochlear arteriolar occlusion), Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids (aggravation of atherosclerosis), diabetes (causing endothelial proliferation of the cochlea, reducing blood supply), smoking (aggravation of atherosclerosis), noise and ototoxic drugs.

Experts also pointed out that high blood pressure, diabetes and other “rich diseases” will accelerate the decline in hearing. “Hearing loss is generally 60dB per year after 0.6.” If you still have high blood pressure and diabetes, high blood pressure and diabetes will increase blood concentration, causing obstruction of the cochlear arterioles, affecting blood circulation in the inner ear, and the rate of hearing loss will be accelerate.

For senile deafness, hearing aids are often used for treatment, and hearing aids are the most commonly used. However, if you choose good performance according to different situations, you will not wear more and more. If the low-frequency hearing loss is dominant, and the low-frequency sound is not heard, if the purchased hearing aid only amplifies the high-frequency sound, the wearer will still be inaudible; if the high-frequency steep drop is dominant, the high-frequency can not be heard. Sound; some are flat, the daily volume can not be heard, you must choose the appropriate hearing aid according to different types of deafness. The price of hearing aids is also high or low, and the price is not necessarily right. It depends on the actual situation, but many elderly people think that the price of hearing aids is too expensive, so the selection is relatively cheap, but the end result is that the more you buy, the less. Suitably, the result is getting worse and worse. Therefore, the elderly should rationally treat hearing aids.

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