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Hearing aid fitting three major misunderstandings

  Misunderstanding 1:After the hearing aid payment, it will be finished.According to the habit of regular shopping and trading, the first-hand delivery of the money, the transaction is achieved. Therefore, whether it is a customer or a fitter, there will be such a misunderstanding, and it is considered that the transaction is over after the payment is completed. This is not the case. Hearing aids are not general daily necessities. It is not like wearing clothes directly after they are finished. Hearing aids are second-class medical devices. The fitting is not a one-time thing, but a process of progressive hearing rehabilitation learning. After the customer put on the hearing aid, the work of the fitter has just begun. The job of the fitter is not a salesperson, but a person who does a good job by professional technology. In short, the fitter debugs the hearing aid for the customer based on the audiogram, this time for the first time. Sometimes, the first fitting does not fully satisfy the customer’s auditory requirements. Because the customer is not a machine but a person, he gets more sounds that he could not hear before through the hearing aid, so the customer needs a process of learning and adapting step by step. Especially for customers who have never worn a hearing aid, it is like waking up in the morning and not dare to look directly at the glowing light bulb. It takes a long time to look at the eyes, not to mention the fact that the eyes only sleep for one night. Hearing rehabilitation requires good communication and mutual trust between the client and the fitter to ensure that the client has good hearing.

  Misunderstanding 2:I still can hear it, and if I can’t hear it, I will go to some hearing-impaired patients. After consulting the hearing of the fitter, I will first understand the price of the hearing aid. The price of tens of thousands of hearing aids, especially for the elderly, is somewhat prohibitive. The elderly who have come from a hard life for a lifetime are not willing to spend so much money for themselves and are unwilling to add burden to their children. Especially the mild to moderate or moderate hearing-impaired patients will say: “I can still hear it loudly, and I can’t hear it again.” In fact, this is completely wrong!

The degree of damage to the auditory system of the ear is divided into four levels: mild, moderate, severe, and extremely severe. The heavier the hearing loss, the lower the hearing resolution of the patient, and the better the hearing aid effect. According to the patient’s statement, it may cause more money to be spent when it is not available, and it may not be able to achieve the effect of the current hearing aid. It is more likely that there will be no choice of hearing aids at that time. And this hearing impairment is irreversible. Small illnesses are not medical, serious illnesses. Therefore, if hearing loss affects your normal life, you should take measures quickly and must not wait.

  Misunderstanding three:The sound can be heard in one ear, and the hearing aid is equipped with one side. In order to save, some customers who have hearing loss in both ears are only willing to choose a unilateral hearing aid. In a quiet environment, the difference between wearing a unilateral and wearing a pair of ears is not too obvious, but as the hearing adaptation and the experience of the environment change during the wearing process, many problems arise. Because even with normal hearing, using a single ear in a noisy environment can be very difficult, and listening to both ears is much easier. Because the ears are listening, there is noise reduction and anti-interference, and there are binaural accumulation and binaural balance. Therefore, communication in a noisy environment requires binaural wear. In addition, the wearing of the ears also prevents the occurrence of auditory deprivation. In the theory of biological evolution, there is a point of reference to the use of retreat. The multi-use of the organ of sound and medicine can make the function of the organ more flexible, and it will slowly degenerate until it loses its function. Patients with hearing loss in both ears, if only one ear hearing aid is selected, the hearing center of the ear without the hearing aid will gradually reduce the ability to understand the language. This phenomenon is called progressive (audio). The effect of sexual hearing deprivation, the longer the time, the more serious. Therefore, it is best to choose binaural fitting for patients with hearing loss in both ears. On the one hand, it can obtain good hearing effects in various natural environments; on the other hand, it can prevent the effects of hearing deprivation.

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