Fitting process three: hearing aid fitting and ear sample taking

Hearing aid fitting and audition

The fitter will input your hearing test result graph into the computer fitting software, select the hearing aid compensation scheme suitable for your individual through prescription formula selection, compensation parameter selection, software program setting, and personalized debugging; the hearing aid will be adjusted. Let you listen to the wearing effect, and further humanized debugging according to your wearing effect

Ear sample

After deciding to purchase, the optionist will use the imported earprint material to remove the ear canal model for you; if the user purchases a custom machine, you need to send the ear sample scan to the manufacturer to make your own hearing aid. If the user buys a behind-the-ear machine, you will need to make your own ear mold. This process takes about a week.

Wearing instructions, effect evaluation and fine tuning

After purchasing the hearing aid, the fitter will teach you how to use your hearing aid, such as how to wear it, replace the battery, place and maintain the hearing aid, and more.

After wearing your own hearing aid, the fitter will make fine adjustments and import the previously selected data settings through the computer to experience the wearing effect and fine-tune again. If necessary, you will be tested for real ear, especially for children, who can objectively reflect the wearing effect.

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