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Customized hearing aid features and benefits

 Custom hearing aidIt is divided into the ear, the ear canal and the deep ear canal. It is made according to the shape of the ear canal and hearing loss of the hearing impaired. The difference in appearance is onlyCustomized hearing aidA secondary feature, its main feature is: in a specific enclosure can be flexibly adjusted according to the hearing loss of the hearing impaired and individual needs, fully meet the individual needs of the hearing impaired, overcome the wearing of other types of hearing aids All kinds of shortcomings.

Customized hearing aid

The main features of the custom machine are as follows:

1 Make full use of the physiological functions of the human ear, use the auricle to collect more high-frequency sounds, make the sound clearer, and thus improve the language resolution;

2 Beautiful, concealed, convenient and comfortable.

3 Avoid psychological barriers and enhance your confidence in life.

4 Easy to operate, no action restrictions.

5 It is more convenient to answer the phone, just like ordinary people.

6 Tailored to suit a variety of hearing loss and ear canal conditions.

7 The shell is made of high-molecular anti-allergic materials for a more comfortable fit.

8 Vents can be opened to prevent ear nausea.

9 Remove the ear tube to prevent intermediate frequency resonance.

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