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Jinghao medical hearing reminds you how to maintain your hearing aid?

  Hearing aidMaintenance is something that every person with a hearing aid has to learn. Good maintenance will make your hearing aid extend its life. Then, the Jinghao medical will give you some knowledge about hearing aid maintenance.

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Guaranteed cleaning

Before putting the hearing aid into your ear, it is best to make sure that the hand is clean and dry so that the hearing aid is not damaged, and that some bacteria and viruses are prevented from entering our ear canal and the guiding entrance is relatively small. Avoid being blocked by dirt.

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Pay attention to save

When the hearing aid is not in use, the hearing aid should be protected from direct and sharp and hard objects. For example, it should be placed on a softer object when it is stored. This avoids the degree of collision of the hearing aid after an accidental slip.

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Avoid heat source

Hearing aids are made of many materials, but most materials are not close to the heat source, so in the process of using hearing aids, they can not be close to the heat source, and can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, which will directly affect the service life.

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Avoid moisture

If the hearing aid is stored in a humid environment for a long time, it will directly cause problems in the use of some internal hardware.Hearing aidDo not store in a damp environment, such as a bathroom, as water vapor in the environment can cause damage. Dry your ears as you wear them.

Hearing aids avoid moisture

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Stay away from debris

If you have seen a hearing aid, you will find that the hearing aid has some smaller entrances, so when you save the hearing aid, you can’t put the hearing aid next to the cosmetics. Because some of these particles may enter the hearing aid, causing damage.

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Pay attention to cleaning

Hearing aids need to be cleaned regularly. It is also important to note that it is best to use a drier, soft cloth for cleaning, not alcohol or cleaning fluid. Because liquids can damage internal hardware and electronics.

Hearing aid attention cleaning

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Ensure ear canal cleaning

When wearing a hearing aid, you must ensure that the ear canal is clean as much as possible, because if foreign matter is blocked, it will directly affectHearing aidThe use of it may also cause foreign matter to enter the hearing aid, causing injury.

Keep the ear canal clean

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Pay attention to the maintenance method

When the hearing aid fails, it is best not to repair it yourself, because if repaired with a screwdriver, the iron filings on the top can cause serious damage to the hearing aid and directly damage the electronic components. Therefore, if you want to repair a hearing aid, you must find a professional.

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