How to protect the hearing aid

No matter what kind of hearing aids are precision electronic products, scientific use and maintenance after the selection of hearing aids is an important part of improving hearing aids and extending the life of hearing aids. Care should be taken to maintain seven points for hearing aids.

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1. Moisture proof, shockproof and high temperature resistant. The hearing aid should be placed in a cool, dry place, and you should not take a hearing aid to take a bath or swim. In the evening, put the hearing aid in a desiccant box. Do not place it in direct sunlight. Avoid high temperature and high humidity environment and avoid falling. The box hearing aid should be careful not to break the wire, do not break the earphone, and do not use a sharp and hard screwdriver to pry the microphone. In-ear hearing aids should be carefully worn and removed. Do not drop on hard objects. The sweat is harmful to the behind-the-ear hearing aids. Pay attention to wiping the hearing aid with a soft dry cloth to ensure that the sound port, sound channel and vent hole are smooth. Try to repair the hearing aid yourself.

2. Clean the hearing aid at least twice a week. Since the hearing aid is easily contaminated by dirt and bacteria, it should be kept clean and the professional hearing aid should be cleaned regularly. Do not scrub with water because the water will damage the hearing aid. In particular, the in-the-ear hearing aid is cleaned at least twice a week, clean the surface with a soft dry cloth, use a brush to remove the ear wax around the sound hole and the vent, and replace the new baffle in time.

3. Check the battery level regularly. When the amplification capability of the hearing aid is degraded or noise occurs, check whether the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the hearing aid. Replace the battery in time. The ear-back hearing aid uses a button-type battery, and the service life of the qualified product should be about 200 hours, calculated according to 12 hours per day, and the effective use period is about two weeks. When the hearing aid is not used for a long time, remove the battery and place it in a cool, ventilated place.

4. Volume potentiometer protection. Smooth rotation, avoiding impact from external forces, dry for a long time, keep clean.

5. Lightly open and close, avoid excessive force and excessive force.

6. Prevents sweat from entering the ear hooks. The ear hook is located at the foremost end of the hearing aid and is the channel that connects the ear mold. If there is liquid such as sweat, the hearing aid connecting hose can be separated from the hearing aid ear hook.

7. Regular maintenance. Hearing aids are sent to the matching center every six months or a year, and the inside of the hearing aids are cleaned by professionals to ensure that the hearing aids are in good condition.

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