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How long can the hearing aid last?

People often have the impression that the more expensive the hearing aid, the longer the life expectancy. But in fact, there are many people who say that the special expensive hearing aids that were bought a few years ago don’t seem to last much longer. What is going on?

In fact, the life span of a hearing aid has a lot to do with the user (or the user’s family). It is like a mobile phone or a car. It has been used for four or five years, and it has been used for a year. . From the feedback data of all big-brand hearing aids, there are no particularly strong hearing aids, and there are no particularly vulnerable hearing aids. In fact, the lifespan of almost all major brand hearing aids is almost the same, but why do we feel expensive?Life expectancy of hearing aidsLong?


Hearing aid life

For example, we use a mobile phone with a price of 8,000 yuan and a mobile phone with a price of 2,000 yuan. Which one has a long service life? If we don’t lose it without damage, we will inevitably use a mobile phone with a price of 8,000 yuan. It will also be more protective to your mobile phone, so it will take a longer time to feel expensive. The same is true for hearing aids.

Is there a necessary relationship between the price and quality of hearing aids?

Every formal hearing aid is manufactured under strict quality control. Their design life and quality are similar. The service life of hearing aids is largely due to the long-term use and maintenance. Relationships, the better the user cares, the better the maintenance, the longer it will serve us. Of course, different hearing aids will have different protection details, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof technology, but these differences have little effect on the life of hearing aids.

Hearing aid use time

How to extend the life of hearing aids?

For most people, we hope that the longer the life of the hearing aid, the better. After all, the hearing aid is expensive. If you don’t need to replace a better hearing aid, you still want to use it when you can’t use it.

1, small objects are easy to lose, wear attention

First and foremost, to prevent loss, the American Hearing Aid Industry Association has a statistic that 5% of hearing aid users will lose their hearing aids, and 40% of them will no longer have hearing aids after they are lost (mainly adult). Once the hearing aid is lost, the chances of finding it are small. In addition to being small, the reason is that many people do not know the hearing aid and do not understand its value.

2, bath shampoo don’t forget to pick

Remember to take off the hearing aid when taking a shower. This sounds ridiculous. You may wonder how someone will forget to take a hearing aid and take a shower. However, the data shows that such a careless situation is quite a lot. Many people think of the hearing aid not picking up at the moment of flushing. At this time, the hearing aid may have entered the water.

Phonak hearing aid

3, rain is corroded, splashing water destroys the microphone

Walk in the rain, without an umbrella or raincoat, remember to remove the hearing aid. Many hearing aids have waterproof function, but we still recommend taking the hearing aid off. Light rain may be no problem, but once the rain is too large, it may fall directly or splash on the hearing aid. The hearing aid itself has waterproof properties, but the rain It may not be completely clean water, it may have corrosive ingredients, and it may cause damage to the hearing aid microphone.

4, super 6 into a repaired child hearing aid is broken

When the child is just starting to wear, we try to let the child wear it on the bed or on the sofa to prevent the hearing aid from falling to the ground. According to the maintenance data of various manufacturers, the maintenance rate of children’s hearing aids is much higher than that of adults. Although parents will deny that hearing aids are broken, the technicians of the manufacturers are well aware of this.

5, love it, give it a dry care every day.

Pay attention to dry maintenance, especially when some elderly people living alone use hearing aids, they often forget to change the dry cake, or for too long, forget which color the dry cake needs to be replaced. We recommend writing the date on the dry cake, according to Wet conditions in different areas are replaced by date.

6, equipment into the water, do not commit two

To get the water into the hearing aid, you first need to pull out the battery immediately, dry it with a dry soft cloth, and dry it with a dry box or an electronic drying box. Never use a hair dryer or a microwave oven to dry (don’t laugh, there is such a thing). As long as the equipment is powered off in time, the board will still be saved if it is not powered. Do not try to turn it on before it is completely dry.

7, repairing hearing aids, or handing them to professionals

When there is an unexplained failure, do not disassemble it yourself and send it to the hearing aid company for repair as soon as possible. Some people may not be able to send courier to the manufacturer. They want to find an electrician in the local area. This disassembly may cause big troubles.

Through this article, we should have a basic understanding of the life of the hearing aid. From the user’s point of view, the hearing aid is our ear, the tool we listen to the world and communicate with the outside world, but in essence, the hearing aid is still an electronic product. On the day when there is always equipment aging, we always say that we are friends with hearing aids, and our friends love each other. How good you are for hearing aids, the longer it will accompany you. I wrote the last sentence in the words of a lyrical online: You may have a lot of hearing aids in your life, but for hearing aids, it only has one person in your life to treat hearing aids.

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