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Hearing aid use details

Hearing aid is the only high-tech in the modern society that must be worn at any time in daily activities. It is very sophisticated and can be used in a variety of harsh weather conditions and living environments. Electronic products, for various reasons, are destined to be well maintained in order to get the best results.

Modern hearing aids are durable and easy to operate, paying attention to the following small details that can make hearing aids last longer.

Hearing aid use details

First, avoid soiling the hearing aid. Before operating the hearing aid, keep your fingers clean and dry. The microphone interface is only a few tens of millimeters wide and is easily blocked.

Second, to avoid the impact and collision of sharp objects, away from the contact range of children and pets. Sitting on a soft surface, such as a bed or sofa, wearing or removing a hearing aid; the hearing aid itself is small and expensive, and if the child feels novelty and swallows it, it is worth the loss. If the hearing aid battery is swallowed, it is dangerous. If the battery is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

Third, the hearing aid should be kept away from heat. Never place the hearing aid in a place where it may overheat, avoid direct sunlight, and never put it around the heater.

four,Avoid moisture, cosmetics or hair gel contact. Remove the hearing aid before showering, bathing or swimming. Do not put the hearing aid in the bathroom, as it may be damaged by moisture. Fine particles from cosmetics and hair gel can easily block the entrance of the microphone. Please remove it before using the product. Hearing aids. The sweat in the ear and ear is often dried with a cotton swab, and moisture and condensed water droplets can damage the circuitry inside the hearing aid. It is recommended to open the battery compartment at night and use special tools available from hearing health professionals.

5. Keep your ears clean and carefully clean your hearing aids. If the sound of the hearing aid is weakened, it may be because the sound outlet or the earwax filter is blocked by earwax or dirt, and the hearing aid is cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

6. When the hearing aid is not in use, place the hearing aid in a box or a specially dried box. When not in use for a long time, the battery should be taken out.

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