Hearing aid maintenance focus

After many users buy back hearing aids, it is still not clear how to maintain hearing aids.Jinghao medical hearing aidNow let me introduce you to the maintenance methods and matters needing attention.

  防潮 Hearing aids are medical instruments consisting of precision electronic components. The ingress of moisture or water can damage electronic components, making the hearing aids unable to work properly. If there is noise, distortion or no amplification, sometimes the internal motherboard rots and the hearing aid is damaged due to long-term moisture. Even completely scrapped. The following are common problems and our recommendations: the source of moisture is often invaded by swimming, bathing, shampooing, washing your face, and raining. What needs attention is the dew of sweat, morning or fog. When the humidity is high, the water vapor in the air invades; others such as hair spray, washing clothes, water vapor, etc. How to prevent moisture prevention, prevention, and prevention. Most of the moisture is preventable. It is important to note that the sweat has salt, which is much more corrosive to electronic devices and circuits than water, which is why hearing aids are prone to bad in summer. It is recommended that you open the battery compartment door to remove the battery every night when you disable the hearing aid, and put the hearing aid into a dry bag, dry bottle or electronic care treasure. Do not worry after the damp solution, dry the hearing aid, and then put it into a sealed dry bag or electronic care treasure, maybe tomorrow will be fine, even if it is good, continue to absorb residual moisture every day; if still can not solve, please Go to the hearing aid fitting center and hand it over to the fitter for correction, so as not to delay the penetration of the hearing aid, corrosion device and motherboard. For desiccant, please go to the professional hearing center of hearing aids and the pharmaceutical purchasing stations in major and medium-sized cities, photographic equipment and pharmacies. Some desiccants are disposable. Change it once every two months. The desiccant used repeatedly will change color. Remind you that you need to dry or dry before using.

Hearing aid maintenance focus

Leakproof liquid The zinc-air battery used in the hearing aid contains a strong alkali electrolyte, which can cause fatal damage to the hearing aid once it leaks out. We recommend that you remove the battery when you deactivate the hearing aid every day, put the hearing aid into the electronic care treasure or dry the box, and check the battery status before loading the battery the next day.

  Anti-ear wax Chinese earwax is generally dry, usually speaking, chewing, walking, because the vibration will gradually shake off most of the earwax from the ear canal. However, some of them will remain in the ear canal, especially after wearing the custom machine, the ear canal is blocked, and the earwax will directly block the mouth of the receiver, resulting in no sound or even damage to the receiver.

  About the maintenance of the eardrum The maintenance of the eardrum is mainly to prevent falling and damage, the hole of the mold is blocked, and the sound tube is deformed. Generally, when the eardrum is not needed, it should be placed together with the hearing aid, and the dry ear and soft cloth should be used to wipe the eardrum every day. If there is a blockage in the die hole, it should be removed. It is best to wash the eardrum once a week with warm soapy water. Before washing, it needs to be separated from the hearing aid. After washing, the eardrum must be wiped dry and air-dried in the sound tube to connect the hearing aid. Under what circumstances should the eardrum be replaced? If the ear mold is damaged, it is not applicable, if the foreign matter in the die hole is not clear, or the sound-guiding hose becomes yellow and hard, it is necessary to go to the hearing aid fitting center to assist the handler to handle or replace it.

  Vibration prevention Hearing aids are as afraid of falling as quartz watches. Because the components in the hearing aid are connected by very small wires, they are easy to break off after receiving the impact. Especially the receiver is easy to be in the internal sounding vibrating reed and thimble due to its structural relationship. Displacement after impact. Causes distortion and silence. Due to its small size, the custom machine is easier to slip off the hands when wearing or removing, so be sure to pay attention to this.

The maintenance of the hearing aid is related to the effect and longevity of your hearing aid, so it still needs the attention of the user.

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