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Protect your hearing aids

Careful protection of the hearing aid can increase the life of the hearing aid and maximize the effectiveness of the hearing aid. Although the hearing aid is rigid in construction, it has a small size and requires careful care. Often carefully protected – our best advice, here are some specific suggestions:

Hearing aid maintenance

1, do not let the hearing aids come into contact with high temperatures, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from radiation.

2, wear or remove hearing aids on soft surfaces such as beds and sofas. Never let the hearing aid fall in a hard place.

3, you must remove the hearing aid before bathing or swimming. Always keep the hearing aid dry. When not in use, remove the battery and let the battery cover open. Wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

4, don’t let pets come into contact with hearing aids. Pet heardHowlingIt will be irritated and, in addition, will be attracted to the smell of the owner, thus causing damage to the hearing aid.

5, if you want to work in a humid environment, or if your work can cause a lot of sweating, please keep yourself dry and absorb the hearing aids (a hearing aid for your hearing aids can provide a moisture-proof kit for this purpose) .

6, do not let the hearing aid come into contact with hairspray, oil, etc.: Do not wear a hearing aid until the daily makeup is completed. Do not wear hearing aids in beauty salons.

7, meet your hearing aids regularly, ask him to check if your hearing aids have accumulated ear secretions and if the performance is normal.

8 keeps the ear canal clean and hygienic. If you want your hearing aid to be most effective, you must always keep the ear mold and hose clean and remove the secretions from your ear.

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