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How should the hearing aid be maintained?

The patient should always maintain the hearing aid, and the moisture or accumulation of earwax can affect the use of the hearing aid. Careful maintenance and maintenance of the hearing aid or to extend its life.

(1) Moisture proof

The maintenance of hearing aids is the key to moisture protection. Tell the patient to remember that the hearing aid cannot enter the water. Always remove the hearing aid when washing, bathing, swimming, and raining. The hearing protection method for any hearing aid is the same. Remove the hearing aid from the container every night before going to sleep and put it in a desiccant container (if you use it every day, you can open the battery compartment without removing the battery). When the color of the desiccant changes, it needs to be treated accordingly and updated if necessary. Do not directly touch the desiccant with the hearing aid to prevent corrosion by damp desiccant.

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(2) Cleaning

Proper cleaning can improve the life and effectiveness of the hearing aid. Because the hearing aid needs to be worn frequently, the excrement produced by the human body (such as earwax, ear secretions, etc.) will affect the service life of the hearing aid to varying degrees. Therefore, every user wearing the hearing aid must clean the hearing aid frequently. The specific cleaning methods for hearing aids are as follows:

After using it every day, clean the earwax and sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth. For custom machines, check that the sound tube is blocked by earwax and that the microphone inlet is blocked by dust. If this is the case, clean it with a special small brush. For the ear-back hearing aid, if the sound tube of the ear mold is found to be blocked by ear wax, it should be cleaned in time. For example, there are small water drops in the ear mold sound tube, and the small water drops will be sucked out or dried. For box hearing aids, the earwax in the earplugs should be cleaned.

(3) Storage and replacement of batteries

When purchasing a hearing aid battery, pay attention to the battery model, and it is not advisable to purchase too much at one time, and keep it in a cool dry place.

When the user does not use the hearing aid, the battery compartment door should be opened to remove the battery. When the battery power is lower than a certain level, the hearing aid will stop working, or a “beep” sound will be sounded, or the sound quality will become rough and unstable. In this case, the battery should be replaced immediately, and the battery polarity should be noted when replacing. If it is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out to prevent the battery from leaking and coringing the hearing aid.

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