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How to maintain your own hearing aid

The normal lifespan of hearing aids is generally 5 to 8 years. If properly maintained, there will be no “key chain drop”. As a sophisticated electronic device, the hearing aid is not cheap, and maintaining its performance and service life is very important for hearing impaired friends.

“For example, some people wear ear-type hearing aids but do not clean and maintain for a long time, and do not pay attention to ear hygiene, so it is necessary to replace parts frequently, so that the service life will be reduced, and one year of damage is also very likely.

Today, Xiaobian introduces some of the appliances that you can use to maintain your hearing aids at home.

Binaural earpiece (damping): It is mainly used to monitor the sound and usage of the hearing aid. It is equipped with damping to protect the hearing of the hearing listener.

How to use: Place the earpiece on the sound outlet of the hearing aid and listen to the sound of the hearing aid. You can use the following method when monitoring: How do you hear the high frequency and low frequency sound of the hearing aid with Lin’s six-tone sound? Take the hearing aid far and close and Speak, monitor whether there is sound? Is there too much noise? Is there an abnormal distortion sound? Does the sound suddenly become bigger or smaller? How is the sound quality? Will it sound sullen?

Electronic Disinfection Dryer: Efficiently and comprehensively removes the moisture inside the hearing aid equipment, and has three functions of electronic drying, ultraviolet light sterilization and battery measuring instrument.

Usage: The dry area in the north can be dried once by 1 month using electronic disinfection dryer; in the rainy and humid area of ​​the south, it can be dried once in an electronic disinfection dryer for half a month, and the interval between use can be adjusted according to the weather and wearing conditions.

Note: Before the hearing aid device is dry, the surface stains and water stains must be wiped clean.

The battery must be removed before the hearing aid device is dry.

The drying time should not exceed 12 hours.

Children’s ear back lanyard: used for the fixation of the behind-the-ear hearing aid, anti-lost.

How to use: When using, put the silicone ring on the hearing aid body, and clip the collar.

Magnet steel needle brush: used to remove the gap in the hearing aid casing or the dirt in the ear mold.

How to use: One end is equipped with a magnet to facilitate the removal of the battery, and the other end is provided with a steel ring to remove foreign matter from the horn.

Pneumatic hole rod: used for cleaning and unblocking the ear mold and custom machine air holes.

LCD tester: used to measure battery power.

How to use: Put the positive battery of the hearing aid into the measuring instrument with the positive electrode facing up. When the battery touches the metal at the upper end of the measuring instrument, the remaining power can be displayed on the LCD.

Dry box + dry cake: used together for moisture and dryness of hearing aids.

How to use: Put the dry cake that has been peeled off the label film into the dry box, then put the sponge pad, and finally put the hearing aid for taking out the battery on the sponge pad. The lid is sealed for 6 hours or more for drying.

The best condition of the dried cake is golden yellow. When the dry cake changes from golden yellow to white, it means that the water vapor has been saturated. At this time, the dry cake needs to be replaced.

Cleaning the blown balloon: used to blow out moisture or dirt from the ear mold tube.

How to use: Use it to remove earwax and attachments from the hearing aid ear mold and catheter. It is also used to remove the moisture adhered to the ear mold and the sound tube after cleaning, so as to keep it smooth and dry to ensure the best acoustic effect of the hearing aid.

Anti-static dry wipe: soft texture, decontamination, strong water absorption, used to clean the dirt on the hearing aid and ear mold.

How to use: Use it to wipe the attachments on the hearing aid and ear mold.

Battery box: It is used for the storage of 2 grain batteries to solve the urgent need for going out.

Alcohol disinfection tablets: used to clean the hearing aid casing, descaling and sterilization.

Note that in addition to daily use of tool maintenance, you also need to go to professional institutions for regular maintenance. It is recommended to perform audiological assessment and hearing aid maintenance at the hearing center at least twice a year.

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