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What if the hearing aid vent is blocked?

Please use the brush in the box of the custom machine to clean the sound hole every day (please refer to the Hearing Aid Handbook in the box for details). Regular cleaning, cleaning of earwax and ear tips, and proper maintenance ensure the life and reliability of the hearing aid.

Hearing aid vent is blocked

The back of the earphone hearing aid has a protective net cover to protect the microphone from moisture and can be replaced regularly. If there is no net cover, the microphone port of the ear-back machine is exposed to the outside. Generally, the blockage is also due to external reasons, so the hearing aid needs frequent maintenance. Generally, the fitter of the hearing aid of the fitting center will clean and maintain the hearing aid if it is long. Do not clean and maintain, some dirt will block the mouth of the microphone.

The dust prevention method of the sound hole of the hearing aid: spring, staring cap, inset type, which is more suitable to clean and not easy to block, according to the specific ear of the customer. Nowadays, there are many techniques for preventing the clogging of the sound outlet. It is possible to add an ear-proof mesh or a small spring to the sound-absorbing hole of the hearing aid. In addition, when rubbing the ear, it is recommended to squat at night, and do not rub the ear before wearing the hearing aid.

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