How to maintain hearing aids on a daily basis? S Meng teaches you a small trick

As we all know, hearing aids are high-precision electronic products. After the selection of hearing aids, scientific use and maintenance is an important measure to improve the hearing aid and extend the life of hearing aids. Jinghao medical hearing to tell you,Daily maintenance of hearing aidsWork must be done at four points:

Moisture proof, anti-corrosion, shockproof and cleaning


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First, moisture-proof (to prevent the internal chip of the hearing aid from getting wet, the sound quality is not clear)

1, put the hearing aid in a cool, dry place, do not put it in high temperature and high humidity;

When 2, face washing, bathing, swimming, sleeping or not using a hearing aid, the hearing aid battery compartment door should be opened and placed in a special dry box for hearing aids;

When the drying agent in the 3 and the drying box is discolored, a new desiccant is replaced;

4, if you accidentally get the hearing aid wet, put the hearing aid in a dry box to absorb moisture or dry naturally. Do not use fire and high temperature drying.


Drying box

Second, anti-corrosion (to prevent internal chip corrosion of hearing aids)

1, do not use a corrosive solution to clean the hearing aid;

2, use a soft cotton cloth to dry the sweat on the surface of the hearing aid;

3, if you do not use the hearing aid for a long time, you must first take out the battery and put it into the dry box to prevent the battery from leaking and coringing the hearing aid;

4, for suppurative otitis media, during the pus, do not wear hearing aids as much as possible, so as not to aggravate inflammation and damage hearing aids.


Cleaning brush

Third, anti-earthquake (to prevent damage to the hearing aid shell)

1, try not to wear hearing aids during strenuous exercise;

2, use a soft cotton cloth to dry the sweat on the surface of the hearing aid;

3, pay attention to the hearing aid to fall carefully when wearing, to prevent falling on hard objects, to avoid hearing aids from strong collision or impact damage.


Fourth, cleaning: (to ensure that the hearing aid is clean and good sound quality)

1 and hearing aids should always be kept clean. Since the hearing aid is easily contaminated by earwax, bacteria, etc., the hearing aid should be cleaned at least twice a week. If the earwax should increase the number of cleanings, the oil ear should be cleaned once a day.

2, clean the surface with a soft dry cloth, cotton balls or tissue paper, and the hearing aid housing can be sterilized with a cotton ball containing 75% alcohol;

3, use the matching soft brush to remove the dust on the surface of the microphone, and the custom machine should regularly remove the blockage on the sound hole or the ear-proof device, and replace the new baffle plate in time;

4, users with ear molds, ear molds should also be kept clean. If earwax or dirt blocks the sound port, sound channel or vent hole, the ear mold must be taken down and rinsed with warm water and mild washing liquid. If the sound tube is aging hard, yellow or cracked, replace it immediately;

5, regular maintenance, regular maintenance of hearing aids in the optional center, by professionals to ensure that the hearing aids are in good condition.


Hearing aid maintenance instrument

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