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Benefits of wearing a hearing aid

Surveys from Europe show that most hearing aid users will feel an improvement in the quality of life. In addition, the survey also found that the use of hearing aids can reduce depression, reduce night fatigue and ensure good sleep, compared to hearing loss patients who do not use hearing aids.

Studies from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland have shown that 80-93% of hearing aid users believe that hearing aids can improve their quality of life on a regular or irregular basis.

In Switzerland, 93% of hearing aid users indicate that hearing aids can improve their quality of life on a regular or irregular basis. In France, the UK and Germany, hearing aid users with 86%, 81% and 80% respectively think so.

When asked about the positive impact of using a hearing aid, the hearing aid user’s response is usually in several ways: improving communication effectiveness, being more integrated in social activities, improving family relationships and enhancing security.

  Reduce depression:The survey shows that the hearing loss of hearing aid users is relatively reduced compared to non-hearing aid users.

  Reduce night fatigue:The survey shows that hearing aid users are less likely to feel tired at night than non-hearing aid users.

  Hearing aid users have better sleep quality:The survey also found that hearing aid users had a better quality of sleep than non-hearing aid users. When asked if you are satisfied with the quality of your sleep?, the answers from more hearing aid users are positive.

  Hearing aid users are not ridiculed:In the survey, 89% of hearing aid users said that they did not feel that others would laugh at them because they used hearing aids. In contrast, among hearing loss patients who did not use hearing aids, 35% thought that others would laugh at them because of their hearing loss.

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