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How to treat the role of hearing aids

Objectively speaking, hearing aids do work, butThe role of hearing aidsAlso limited. Hearing aids, as the name implies, are instruments that help users listen to the sound, and only help the user to listen to the sound. This phenomenon is somewhat like wearing a denture (denture). If you don’t have a denture, you can’t deal with a harder food. You can’t get a hard bone with a denture.

The role of hearing aids

How does the hearing aid, which is essentially an amplifying device, aid hearing?

First, the hearing aid can amplify the sound signal to maximize the user’s perception of the sound. We all have this kind of experience, too small a sound is not easy to hear; secondly, the hearing aid can selectively amplify the sound of different frequencies according to the user’s hearing loss (for example, for patients with high frequency hearing loss, high frequency Magnification; for patients with low frequency hearing loss, more amplification of low frequency), efforts to ensure that users can hear and try to hear clearly; Third, most hearing aids have a focus on the language frequency, focusing on language communication; Fourth, with some special circuits, some hearing aids can also amplify large sounds as needed while amplifying weak sounds. Thanks to the above functions, hearing aids benefit most users.

However, hearing aids are not “universal”, they can’t be perfect, and they can’t solve all the problems of deaf patients. For example, the upper frequency limit of normal hearing is 20000Hz, and the frequency response range of the hearing aid can be very good to 8000Hz, and it rarely reacts to sounds with frequencies exceeding 8000Hz. In this sense, patients with deafness will not get better hearing than normal people, no matter how good they are. Therefore, the idea that wearing a hearing aid no longer has hearing impairment is completely unrealistic.

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