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Why is the hearing aid murmur?

Why does the hearing aid have a sharp howling? Because the microphone receives sound and is amplified by the hearing aid. Then, it is transmitted through the receiver. When the receiver and the microphone are close, the microphone, the hearing aid amplifier and the receiver form a loop. Then the sound will be amplified in a loop, producing a harsh sound, which is howling.

Almost all hearing aids have whistle

Because the hearing aid itself is small, the microphone and the receiver are generally close together, and the whistle is inherent.

Howling is an important indicator to determine whether a hearing aid is working properly.

Because hearing aids have this feature, the general hearing aids will whistle about 5 seconds after the battery is installed. If there is no howling, there may be a problem with the hearing aid. Replace the battery at this time or contact the merchant for processing.

How to solve the howling?

1. Change the small earplugs, plug the ear canal, and avoid the wind and howling. The method of checking whether the plug is tight is to remove the hearing aid for the hearing aid to block the earplug hole. If no whistling occurs, it means that the ear canal is not tightened.

2. Custom eardrum. The specific method is contacted by the merchant.

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