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Do you want a hearing aid?

The total consumer price level of Fujian residents, which was counted by the National Bureau of Statistics of 2015, rose by an average of 1.7% year-on-year, and the fastest increase was that the health care and personal products category rose by 4.5%. This shows that residents in the health care and personal products, the future investment will be higher and higher.

With the advent of aging, people’s spending on health care will rise year by year. Before we saw a small illness, it cost a dozen or twenty dollars. Now it is hundreds of dollars. Although the country is also paying attention to the medical care of residents, China’s population base is too large. In fact, the benefits enjoyed by everyone are minimal.

Hearing aids need to be fitted

There are quite a few elderly friends who have hearing problems more or less, most of which are caused by aging hearing loss. After a hard life, I couldn’t hear the sound in my old age, and the children looked in my eyes. So a large number of children will take the elderly to the hospital to see, and give the elderly a hearing aid as needed.

However, many elderly people have resistance to hearing the price of hearing aids, saving a generation of people, and buying the hearing aid is too wasteful for them.

Let’s calculate the account: the ears can’t hear, the family’s communication will be obstacles; the communication barrier, the family relationship will be cracked, easy to be isolated by other family members; the lonely old man, the character is prone to loneliness, irritability Children usually have a lot of work pressure. When they return home, they still have such a situation, which naturally affects the quality of life. In the long run, children will gradually alienate the elderly, and even older people can only live alone in places such as elderly apartments and nursing homes.

Instead of this, why not change your mind? Have hearing problems, wear hearing aids, and improve listening. Whether it is daily communication with children, or listening to music and watching TV, there are no obstacles. The quality of life has improved, the family is naturally more harmonious, and children are better able to focus on their work.

From the current trend, the future medical investment of residents will account for a large part of the income of residents. To put it simply, the young earned money is spent on medical treatment.

 Hearing aids daily careIf you use 7-8 for a year, there is no problem. On average, thousands of dollars a year, every month, a hundred dollars, in fact, not much, a few packs of cigarettes, drink a few bottles of wine, this is enough !

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