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New hearing aids need to be adapted

It is normal for the hearing aid to be updated. It may be because the hearing has dropped and the machine is no longer able to meet the demand, or it may want more functions. Although many hearing impaired friends know that the first use of hearing aids requires an adaptation period. So, does the new hearing aid also need an adaptation period?

The answer is needed.

Whether it is the first time you wear a hearing aid or has been using it for many years, you need to have another period of intensive training as long as you replace the new hearing aid. Why is this?

Hearing aids need to adapt

1, simulator for digital machine needs to get used to

If you have used a simulator, you want to change it.Digital machineThe patient will feel a little difficult to adapt at the beginning of use.

The fitter often encounters such a customer: the simulator that has been used for more than ten years, just changed to a digital hearing aid but feels that the sound quality is not as good as before, the volume is not as good as before, and there is no old machine comfortable.

In fact, the technology of digital hearing aids is much more advanced than the simulator. The sound quality is much better than that of the simulator, and it is more comfortable with the human ear. However, customers have used the old hearing aids and have become accustomed to the simple sound of the simulator. The zoom function is not accustomed to the digital hearing aid.

If the user used to use an old box-type linear amplification machine, and then replaced with a digital listener, it will take some time to adapt.

2, the same brand should also adapt

Even if the same brand and the same type of hearing aids, the products produced in different batches will have slight differences in acoustic characteristics, so the sound quality of the new hearing aids and the old hearing aids will be different, so it is necessary to adapt to the sound quality of the new hearing aids. Features.

Of course, the closer the technical characteristics of the new hearing aid to the old hearing aid, the shorter the adaptation period.

3, with experience, requires more

If you are using the hearing aid for the first time, you will feel the feeling of opening a new world when you feel the clear listening effect. When you change the hearing aid, because you have the experience of wearing it for the first time, there is no initial Stunning.

Moreover, when the machine is replaced, the patient has a lot of experience in wearing hearing aids. The requirements for new hearing aids are relatively high, and there will inevitably be a gap in expectation. On the contrary, there will be a feeling that the effect of the new hearing aid is not obvious.

For hearing impaired patients

For hearing impaired patients

When hearing impaired patients choose a new hearing aid, they should choose a hearing aid based on their own hearing characteristics and the demand for the effect.

As long as the use of hearing aids suits their needs, it is not necessarily limited to brands and models, nor is it necessary to entangle the brand differences between old and new hearing aids. The hearing aids of both ears can also be hearing aids of different brands.

For the fitter

For the fitter

For the hearing aid fitter, on the one hand, it is necessary to communicate with the patient, so that the patient and the family understand that the new hearing aid needs an adaptation period. On the other hand, professionally carefully analyze the patient’s hearing characteristics and the need for sound in various living and learning environments.

While mastering the sound quality characteristics and effects of the old hearing aids, follow the principle of gradual and orderly, through various test indicators, from the perspective of debugging, try to improve the effect of the new hearing aids, surpass the old hearing aids, and gradually transition to the ideal listening effect.

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