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Why do both ears have hearing aids?

The human auditory language system is a complex system that requires the participation of the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, the auditory nerve, the auditory center, and the speech center. Any one of the links can cause hearing damage, which in turn affects speech function. Social interaction and quality of life have an impact. Hearing aids can compensate for hearing impairment to some extent. Broadly speaking, hearing aids should be worn as soon as possible if both ears are damaged to a certain extent. However, in real life, many parents will consider the factors of economy, beauty, etc., and only choose one or no hearing aid for hearing loss children. I don’t know what the consequences will be:

“Listening” with only one ear is the most common manifestation of asymmetric hearing loss, which can be a decline in unilateral hearing loss or bilateral hearing. Long-term non-symmetric hearing loss will lead to a series of serious obstacles. In addition to hearing loss, these manifestations include significant language development delays, mental retardation, and communication disorders. ,

Hearing aid effect

Clinically, the binaural mean hearing threshold difference 15dB HL or binaural speech recognition rate difference greater than 20% is defined as asymmetric hearing loss.

However, the performance of asymmetric hearing loss is often not obvious. When children have asymmetric hearing loss during childhood, parents often disagree with it for the following reasons:

1, early childhood hearing loss performance is not obvious, until it gradually develops learning disabilities, social and emotional barriers, and gradually shows a decline in hearing, parents can not detect this;

2, hearing screening found that children have hearing loss disorders, but parents believe that children can still hear the sound with the help of the ear, there is no need to take interventions;

Studies have shown that asymmetric hearing loss affects the development of the auditory pathway in the brain, which in turn makes the poorer ears more visible. If parents do not intervene, it will lead to a more pronounced hearing loss and other mental retardation in children during development:

Hearing aspect

1, long-term listening to one ear, will make the hearing loss of the poor ear gradually worsen, and the auditory deprivation will occur, which will affect the development of the auditory pathway.

  2、One ear can’t listen to the sound source

3, noisy environment shows obvious hearing loss obstacles, can not hear the target speech when many people talk

Both ears must be equipped with hearing aids

Intellectual aspect

1, language development retardation

2 is more prone to vocabulary and simple grammatical structure than children of the same age.

3, academic performance declines, and more emotional and communication barriers

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