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Why is the age of wearing a hearing aid as small as possible?

As the level of social civilization continues to increase, every young parent wants to have a healthy, intelligent child. One day, when a child is diagnosed with deafness, it is a huge blow to the parents, which will have a major impact on their psychology and behavior.

Whether the parents’ psychological reactions and behaviors are positive or negative, rational or irrational, are crucial to the development and future of the deaf children.

Children’s auditory center and speech center have the best stage of development. Beyond this stage, the developmental plasticity will be significantly smaller, and the appropriate stimulus for this central development is sound.

  The sooner the child hearing aid is wornThe sooner you receive a sound stimulus, the sooner these centers develop. Practice has proved that the rehabilitation of hearing aids, language proficiency and learning ability of deaf children who wear hearing aids is much better than that of deaf children wearing hearing aids.

The younger the hearing aid is, the better.

Compared with adults, the auditory organs of infants and young children are different in anatomy and physiology. Pay attention to the following problems when wearing hearing aids:

1, the auricle is small and soft, and the supporting force is poor. Therefore, the volume of the hearing aid is minimized under the premise of ensuring the acoustic gain.

2 and inner ear hair cells are less able to withstand strong stimuli, so the maximum sound output of hearing aids is strictly limited. It is best to use hearing aids with compression amplification lines.

3, children of this age are low in hearing sensitivity, and cannot be used in older children and adults when evaluating the effects of hearing aids.

The sound holes of 4 and ear molds are easy to block and should be cleaned frequently.

5, the evaluation period of the hearing aid effect is short, generally 1 ~ 3 months.

6 and various parts of the body develop rapidly, and the frequency of ear mold replacement is faster. It needs to be changed every 3~6 months.

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