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Extend the life of hearing aids

We all know that hearing aids are a very sophisticated high-tech instrument. Sometimes it is easy to cause damage if you are not careful. Sometimes it is very careful but there is still a problem. How can you improve the life of the hearing aid? Jinghao medical hearing aids to tell you!

Note 1: moisture protection

Humid environment is prone to damage to electronic products. Hearing aids may be noisy, distorted or unmagnified. Sometimes, due to long-term moisture, the hearing aid battery compartment or even the internal motherboard is rusted and rotted. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use hearing aids every day. When the battery is taken out, put the hearing aid into a dry box, a drying bag or a dedicated electronic dryer for hearing aids. After the damp solution: ensure that the surface of the hearing aid is free of steam, etc., placed in the electronic dryer 4-6 hours, if the hearing aid is still in In the event of a malfunction or silence, contact your hearing specialist as soon as possible to assist in the resolution.

Note 2: Check the battery

The zinc-air battery used in hearing aids contains a strong alkaline electrolyte. If there is leakage, it will cause fatal damage to the hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove the battery when you remove the hearing aid every day and put the hearing aid into the drying box or electronic drying box. Inside, check the status of the battery before use the next day.

Note 3: Anti-ear wax

Asians have mostly dry earwax. When people talk, chew, and walk, most of the earwax will gradually vibrate from the ear canal due to vibration, but some of them remain in the ear canal, especially after wearing a custom machine. Blocked, earwax will directly block the receiver, resulting in silent, or even damage to the receiver. It is recommended to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab before wearing the hearing aid every day. After removing the hearing aid every day, checking out the sound hole and cleaning the 2, or periodically changing the anti-ear wax net of the custom machine, the risk of the hearing aid sound becoming small or silent is greatly reduced.

Note 4: Anti-fall

Hearing aids are precision instruments. Since the components in the hearing aids are connected by very small wires, they are easy to break off after being impacted. In particular, the internal sounding vibration reeds and thimbles are easily moved back after impact due to their structural relationship. The position is deformed, causing distortion and silence. The custom machine is easy to fall due to its small size, so it should be worn in a soft place such as a sofa or a bed.

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