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Hearing aid fitting: audible but inaudible

I can hear you, but I don’t know what you are talking about.

This is a sentence that many people with poor hearing often complain about. I can hear it, but I can’t hear it. There are many reasons for this result. So what are the reasons?

Compared with normal hearing, patients with sensorineural or mixed deafness not only have problems with the perception of sound and sound, but also have problems with poor speech resolution. In other words, we use the general speaking volume to talk, the normal hearing person can talk without any obstacles, and the hearing loss neurological deafness with 60 decibels may not be heard, and some words with light pronunciation may not be heard at all. Hearing is the basic function of the auditory system, while listening to it is a more advanced function. As long as there is a signal that reaches the auditory center, we hear it, but to hear it, we must also have the ability to distinguish between hearings. What factors determine whether we can hear it?

Hear but can't hear

In an environment that is too noisy, because the acoustic signal itself becomes ambiguous, people with normal hearing cannot hear it, and a small signal will produce a similar situation. For example, the TV sound is too small, and our normal hearing people can’t hear the same, but this is not the whole problem. Since we have enough room for hearing resolution, we don’t have to listen to 100% to make sure we understand. Therefore, less severe ear damage does not cause the patient to completely lose auditory resolution.

At this time, you should consider the choice of hearing aids. Adults or the elderly, multi-sensory sensorineural and mixed neurological hearing loss caused more high-frequency loss, speech resolution decreased, reflected in the daily hearing, but can not hear clearly, the brain will slowly Losing a lot of speech memory, even after wearing a hearing aid, it takes a long time to adapt and restore part of the hearing. This is why we recommend hearing aids for people with hearing impairments. Early detection and early intervention are necessary for the protection and compensation of existing hearing.

The auditory center has more important acoustic signal analysis capabilities. The auditory center is damaged and the auditory resolution is worse. There is a deafness caused by a central disorder, calledCentral deafness. Typical central squat patients can hear sounds, even tiny sounds, but they can’t understand or hear. Obviously, I can’t hear it clearly; but even if I hear it, I still can’t hear clearly because of the decline in the ability of the listening center.

Hearing aids are worn on patients with central deafness. The specific effect is to make an audiological assessment after trying on the hearing aid, and at the same time, combined with their own expectations, choose the hearing aid to match or not.

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