You are currently viewing Is it effective to wear a hearing aid or a cochlear implant?

Is it effective to wear a hearing aid or a cochlear implant?

Is it effective to wear a hearing aid or a cochlear implant?

Hearing aids/cochlear implants are only responsible for hearing the child and are not responsible for understanding. In other words, when all the sound signals are transmitted to the auditory cortical center through the auditory nervous system, how will the brain recognize?

Regardless of how well your hearing aids or cochlear implants are tuned, these sound waves (current pulses) are meaningless until they are recognized by the brain’s auditory cortex and become readable sounds, words or music. This is why the child can hear the sound of drumming and clapping after the baby is turned on or after wearing the hearing aid, but the reason why you call his name behind him is indifferent.

We must know that our brain has a lot of room to grow and change. That is to say, the effect of implanting a cochlear implant and wearing a hearing aid is largely determined by the plasticity of the brain. It is precisely because of this that we recommend that children early detection, early intervention, early treatment, in order to recover early. Because the younger the child, the more flexible the brain has.

There is another saying about the brain called “experience-dependent plasticity.” Simply put, what we encounter can shape the brain. If the child hears more and more things, his hearing center will be more developed; on the contrary, if the child has experienced a long timeHearing lossIn turn, relying on visual communication, then the part of the auditory center responsible for hearing will be deprived of him for use or completely lost, such as being used to develop vision, also known as cross-channel reorganization, so many children who are hearing loss are very good at drawing. Very strong observation.

Many parents often complain to us: “Why is my child wearing a hearing aid (or cochlear implant) for so long, the child still does not speak, teach him to talk and he does not follow?” At this time, we will be with parents Say, your hearing aid or cochlear selection is appropriate, you have to insist on talking to your child every day, become a well-trained “talk”, the child listens more, the vocabulary accumulation is there, maybe the child will be there someday Suddenly blurted out some words and surprised you!

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